If you are an internet marketing expert you will no doubt understand the importance of getting listed on top of search engine results and the benefits gained from high search engine rankings. Everyone talks about top search engine rankings, but do they really know what its all about? I talk about SEO non stop. Have you ever wondered why?

Once you have been to the top of the search engines, there is no going back. I personally have had single articles ranking on the top of the search engines, took it for granted, only to be shocked at my traffic drop when the rankings went down. When this happens, you not only lose traffic, but you also lose website earnings too.

Big businesses pay big dollars for better search engine results which gives them more exposure for their products and services to shine, but we can get all this for free, only if you have some elbow grease to spare.

So Why Bother Getting Top Search Engine Rankings?

Why bother you ask? Well why bother having a website if you do not want as many people as you can to see it?

You might not want to make money from your WordPress website but I am pretty sure you want people to see it. Getting to the top of the search engines is a fantastic way to achieve that!

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5 Advantages to Getting To the Top of the Search Engines

Search engine rankings are very important for the success of your business and there are lots of advantages to getting better search engine rank. Some of these benefits are listed below.

#1. Increase in Organic traffic of the website

All the webmasters should understand one basic thing, their customers are dependent on search engines for purchasing what they need, this is a pure and simple fact. If your website is not visible on top of search engines then you cannot be found and you will lose your money before even getting a chance to do any business. Better search engine rankings let you be visible and the overall organic traffic increases giving you a chance to sell your services or just get seen.

#2. Better Online Reputation for your Business

There are lot of people searching over the internet to find out who the company is and what products or services they are offering. Higher search engine rankings make sure that you have a good image and reputation. Search engine optimization makes the website accessible to people who are looking for some kind of specific product or services. Your website is visible to the whole world and a greater exposure broadens the range of company promotion and globalization of your company.

You know yourself, when looking for information on the internet, you are more likely to trust a well established site with a good reputation, than a strange unknown website.

#3. Overall Increase in Converting Traffic

There are lots of studies which reveal the fact the websites having better search engine rankings are trusted by users. On an overall the 70% traffic any site receives is from the organic search results and hence a higher ranking ensures targeted traffic. So if trust is a factor that persuades conversions and higher search engines rankings gains you trust, then what do you think happens to conversions?

#4. Comparatively Higher Return on Investment

SEO of your website supplemented with better promotion strategy ensures a higher ROI than any other marketing gimmick available over the Internet. I am the biggest SEO fan I know (personally) and I love getting to the top of the search engines. That is my goal. But the process I use to get there is almost free and the returns are amazing!

#5. High Volume of Potential Clients

The process of search engine optimization requires a proper study of nature of your business and accordingly efforts are made to get potential clients to your website. High search engine rankings ensure a flow of targeted clients who are interested in your services and products.

Ranking in the Search Engines by Accident

Yes this does happen and it is a great feeling. You have a few posts that a doing great regardless of what SEO you have done.

But there is no accident here. You might not have promoted your post but maybe others have? Other sites might be linking to this post, maybe you actually have the best information, or maybe your post has been shared through social media. Who knows, but it is no accident.

Google has got rid of the accidental search engine rankings by watching your SEO strategies with watchdogs like Penguin and Panda.

Maintaining High Rankings in the Search Engines

Once you see this “accidental search engine ranking” occur, or even an intended ranking, keep a sharp eye on it and watch for any changes in rankings. Be prepared to maintain your rankings.

  1. Have a SEO promotional plan to bring back lost rankings, just in case.
  2. Build links to your highest ranking content every now and then anyway.
  3. Update this top ranking content and keep it fresh for today’s information, always improving.
  4. Check on your ranking competitors and make sure your content is the best!

Here is an old video (but still relevant) about doing SEO on an old post. This will help you keep your top rankings or maybe even just start to rank.

This is a lot of work, especially when your site gets big. One way to get help with SEO work is to get Source Autopilot to do the work for you. I like them because they build you real links, not like other SEO services. (Not for the beginner blogger as they cost big $$$)

After going through all these points, you know the importance of SEO towards the traffic of your website and you should be aware of the strategies to get more traffic for your website and get higher search engine rankings for your website.

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