Without having access to some SEO tools, the life of an internet marketer could become a living hell, figuratively of course. Managing multiple campaigns, monitoring their performances, keeping a track on website SEO health, etc., takes a lot of time and if you have to do it manually, it will take forever. You will be reeling under extreme pressure if you don’t have access to some useful, if not essential, SEO mentoring tools. Since SEO monitoring tools are dime a dozen these days, it might be overwhelmingly difficult to create your own set of SEO tools after checking them individually. To help you out, here we are going to give you a roundup of top 10 SEO monitoring tools that you should give a try.


If you have to keep a close eye on your competitors, you need to give this tool a try. This is one of the most powerful and features rich backlinks analysis tools available. Ahrefs boasts of having the largest database of backlinks. You can use this tool to analyze existing links of your website just to ensure that they are Penguin safe.


If you are into paid marketing, this tool should be in your repository of SEO tools. This tool will give you exclusive access to competitors’ paid marketing activities. You will get to know what keywords they are targeting or how many times they are changing the ad copies. Its search report includes the followings – ad competition, percentage of organic traffic, link report, URL, CPC, search volume, organic ranking and more.


This is another high authority SEO analysis tool which is trusted by almost all marketers. It contains a set of tools that lets you analysis your website or spy on your competitors. Once you add your website in Moz, it will analyze your website and rate it based on its performance.  For example, if a page has long title or has no title tag, it will inform you so that you can make necessary changes. Integrate it with your analytic account and you will get to know which pages are performing the best and which pages immediate attention.

Raven Tool

It comes with a suite of tools for analyzing SEO and Social Media presence of a website. Raven Tool makes it easier for online marketers to monitor the performance of the websites. It automatically sends out alert whenever it comes across any technical SEO issue. Its Site Auditor crawls the website thoroughly and then generates report. The report includes what you should be doing to improve the search presence of the website. The Site Performance tool analyzes the website based on 20 different metrics.

If you are into link building, which is not necessarily a bad thing, Raven has something interesting for you too. High quality links from authority website is the holy grail of online marketing. Raven is here to help you. You will know which sites might like to link back to your website.

SEO Book

SEO Book has a vast repository of tools that include Keywords List Cleaners, Meta tag Generator, Robots.txt tools, Server Header Checker and more. Rank Checker is probably the most popular and the most effective of them all. The good thing about SEO Book tools is that most of these tools are available for free.

Google Keywords Planners

Once it was a free tool, but later Google changed it to paid one. This tool now comes bundled with its adwords account. This tool comes in handy when you are to choose keywords for writing Meta tags for pages of your website or to create keywords specific search campaigns. You will get to know search volume against those keywords.

Bing and Google Webmaster Tools

Looking for a free health checkup of your website? In that case, you need to give any of these tools – Bing Webmaster Tools or Google Webmaster Tools a try. These tools are indispensible to identify any problems exist in a website. These tools come in handy as it helps you indentify malware attack, indexing status of your website and more. You can use this tool to instruct search engines to index certain pages faster or even to block certain pages. In short, without having access to Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools, you will never be able to monitor and manage the SEO health your website properly. This is one of the must have seo monitoring tools that you should have access to.

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider

This tool is a huge hit among marketers for quite some time. This is a powerful website crawler with which you will be able to find and fix technical SEO issues like – pages with no Meta data, duplicate Meta data, blank pages, duplicate pages, missing alt tags, 404 pages, faulty 301 redirections and more.

Advanced Web Ranking

This is another powerful SEO monitoring tool that allows you to monitor backlinks of a website, do keywords research, schedule ranking report and a lot. This tool is highly effective for maintaining inhouse SEO campaigns.

Microsoft Tool Kit

Finally this is a useful product from the house of Microsoft after a long gap. You can download it for free and it will analyze your website from search engine’s perspective. It will come up with suggestions that will help your website increase visibility in the SERP.