When you discuss your small business with a digital marketing agency, you know that you want affordability, website development services, and social media engagement. When the experts start talking about search engine marketing of your brand, you pause. Have you truly defined a brand message, so that video marketing, local engagement, and online services can envelop it?

Before choosing keywords, it pays to characterize your brand. Within business, we accept that your brand is what you promise to your customers. When it comes to marketing it, your label means a lot more.

What are the Benefits of Search Engine Marketing?

When done properly, search marketing can help businesses increase brand visibility, traffic, and conversions. There are various strategies that are used by search marketers to achieve these goals. Running social media campaigns is a great way to increase brand recognition, and drive social traffic to a website. Another strategy is to redesign a website to comply with SEO best practices. Doing so will not only provide a better user experience for potential customers, but increase conversions on the site as well. Finally, targeted pay per click (PPC) advertisements can be used to drive qualified traffic to landing pages in order to increase sales for specific items.

The why behind the what

Why do you make green widgets rather than blue ones? Why do you operate a French bakery and not a German one? Defining your “why” helps draw in a targeted demographic.


How are you different from the other widget makers in town? Considering that everyone advertises great quality products and superior customer service, how do you stand out among even these promises? Adding depth to the traits that make you different gives customers a concrete reason on which to base their buying decisions.

Dedication to your brand

How far do you go to protect the integrity of your brand? Using organic, locally sourced ingredients is a good example for the bakery. For the widget maker, it may be the reliance on non-toxic, American-made raw materials.

The Bottom Line

Companies need to do thorough research before selecting a search marketing agency. Be wary of agencies that promise immediate #1 search rankings, or drastic increases in Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Even the best search engine strategies will take months to prove ROI.

Now is the time to add keywords that have the power to propel your brand to the top of the search engine listings. Marketing via social media with a local emphasis is now also possible. Contact us today to learn more about putting your brand front and center on the search engines.