People link to sites for a variety of reasons. They may link to a site that provides valuable information on a topic they are interested in. An individual may link to the page of someone who has made a distinct impression on them. Creating lists, adding videos and using social media are common ways people got others to link to their websites. They still are effective, but with marketing technology advancing by leaps and bounds, finding new ways will keep your company ahead of the competition.

While videos are often considered highly effective as linkable material, infographics are quickly becoming a competitor. Designing a unique infographic puts all of your information in one location. Infographics are created to reach out and catch the viewer’s attention and keep it.

Look to the competition to see how they are being used for links. You don’t want to necessarily copy what they have been doing, but it can give you new ideas on how you may be able to adapt your existing strategies. Put your own unique spin on a linking strategy and make it fit your business and your specific needs.

Good content is essential, but the key is having content that has the ability to go viral. A viral video or picture will be shared many more times than an average link. Find or create content that makes people think outside the box. Be unique and above all be different. Push the borders and provide subject matter that clients will want to share with their friends.

Make it easy to create effective links. Email companies who actively advertise for other local businesses and request a link be put somewhere on their website that will direct people to your page. There customers will view your link and possibly contact you with little or no effort on your part.

Posting as a guest on another person’s webpage will open up a whole new audience for you. Instead of just placing a post on someone else’s page, offer to trade. Allow them to post on your page as a guest contributor. Both of you will reach out to new groups of people and maybe even learn something new in the process.

Finding new ways to get people to link to your page is limitless. Be creative. Look for new trends and expand on them using new techniques and infographics. Push the limits and see how innovative you can be.

This video has some ways you can build your back-links ethically.