Let’s begin by saying that SEO is not just about links however search engines still use them to a considerable extent in their algorithms. Originally link building strategies simply consisted of getting more backlinks than competitors regardless of the quality however the Google Penguin algorithm has changed things dramatically with thousands of websites falling of the face of the search results.

Business owners now need to focus on earning links from authority and trusted websites rather than paying for spam link networks. It is important to note that more diverse a link profile is, the better it will be for the website as long as all the links are relevant. Here, AddPeople have listed 4 ways you can build links to your website.

Editorial links

These types of links can be achieved by producing the high quality and valuable content on your website. An editorial link is not directly requested and happens if visitors naturally reference your content online.

Self made links

These links have the lowest value but can still achieve some positive results. There are many types of websites that offer visitors the chance to create links by leaving blog comments, creating user profiles or getting involved in forum discussions. Be very selective with this approach as too many of these types of links can result in a website being penalised.

Manual Links

Blogger outreach is an effective way to manually build links and involves writing content or blogs (which includes a link) for other industry related websites. Once suitable sites are discovered, the owners must be contacted and pitched. It can take time to source and earn the most beneficial links so often it is done by an SEO professional however if you do hire an expert, ensure their service is ethical and compliant with search engine algorithms.

Social media signals

Social media now plays a huge part in our digital culture and though it is not known exactly how beneficial these links are, you can be sure that search engines are going to be putting more weight on the signals it receives from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

Link building needs to be a continuous part of every SEO strategy as links that are fresh hold higher value than a link that was obtained months ago. Google monitors your link building speed so it is best to build at a natural pace and remember that link building can be difficult to measure so building a well rounded link profile is best.

Don’t pay for your Links, Build them!