A replatform launch can be a beautiful thing. In your efforts to create a unique experience for your customers, you build a charming and innovative online presence that quickly becomes a locus of activity. Unfortunately, this dream sequence I described is just so; typically, going through the replatform process is more like a horror film in that what starts out with ambition and whimsy irrevocably ends as fight for survival.

It is an easy thing, to fill one’s self with a strong sense of bravado, confident that this replatforming will be an easy-to-implement panacea to all of the business’ current woes. Unfortunately, much like horror movie characters who think splitting up is a good idea, you’ll usually find that the best-laid plans often go awry.

For those who think twice before stepping into the dark, Monetate has prepared a white paper, 10 Ways to Bring Agility to the Replatforming Process, that brings to light the many obstacles you can (and probably will) face when switching platforms. Of all the things that most impede replatforming efforts, a key underlying factor is the strain of launching on the new platform while trying to optimize the current site.

Specifically, you can expect to encounter:

  • Scope creep
  • Fixed deadlines
  • Project-based prioritization
  • Unreasonable expectations
  • Overly ambitious goals

All of these hurdles will considerably hamper your ability to continue testing and optimizing your site as you replatform. Luckily, you have an out.

Aside from detailing the pitfalls that mire replatform efforts, the white paper explores how Monetate can help you circumvent most, if not all, of these issues. In addition, executives at top brands share the lessons they’ve learned to give you a leg up on your next replatform.

Get a free copy of 10 Ways to to Bring Agility to the Replatforming Process and find out how to keep driving conversion and revenue during a platform launch.