One of the biggest mistakes I see companies and websites make these days is trying to focus all their backlinking efforts on ranking one page. They probably have one or two main keywords that they want to rank for, and as a result they spend all their time doing SEO for those specific keywords.

Until a couple of years ago, having the majority of your links go to one page was a very effective strategy. However, Google has shied away from that and has moved more towards rewarding sites that have links spread out across many different pages on their site. Why did they do that?

Google made this shift because they wanted to force sites to put out better content and try to generate domain authority, rather than authority for one specific page. Most SEOs back in the day would use tools and fire a slew of automated links to one page. Google was very aware that this was taking place, so it decided to punish people doing that by rewarding sites with good domain authority. The ideal site, in Google’s mind, is one that publishes content regularly and gets natural links to many different pages over time. They don’t want a site to rank well that just has one total important page. They want sites to prove that they are the authority on a topic by getting lots of link love to many different pages on their site.

Given that Google has made this shift, you need to shift your SEO strategy accordingly. In fact, if you send too many links to one page on your site, you’ll probably be filtered by Google and definitely will not rank well. What you need to do instead is put out lots of content, and then try to get high-quality links to as many different pages of your site as you possibly can.

You can then take advantage of internal linking and have lots of internal links pointing to your target page with your target keyword. This is going to be the best strategy going forward. Don’t make the same mistake I’ve seen so many other people make, and try instead to focus your efforts on getting links to lots of different pages on your site. You’ll be greatly rewarded if you do.