Proper search engine marketing can take your business to the next level, and maybe it already has. Whether you are a search engine marketing guru or just starting to grapple with how to use SEO in your favor, it’s important to stay on top of changing patterns.

In 2012, SearchMetrics released its first annual “SEO Ranking Factors Study.” The most recent report indicates some trend changes that are worth noting.


Average HTML word count has increased 25% since last year, making an average of 1140 words per page. This might seem counter intuitive given the rise of image-based web content, but integrated media allows for a nice visual balance of words and images, with more complex written pieces.

Time and clicks correlation

More time spent on a website generally means more clicks. Internal links, videos, and quality text will lead to individuals spending more time on your site.

Social media integration

Those Like Buttons, Twitter Feeds, and Pinterest Pins are key these days. They indicate that you are a true brand and they represent content and connectivity.

Mobile searches Google

Searches are now more common on smart phones and tablets than on computers. Knowing this is key in prioritizing the way your website is designed. We will see more and more consumers searching for information, products and prices from mobile devices. Businesses need to be prepared to monetize traffic from mobile search. Site experience, content and transactional flows need to optimized to meet the increasing flow of users from mobile devices.

Video Advertising Accelerates

Video advertising on sites as YouTube is still less competitive and cost effective compared to other forms of online ads. But it does offer a lot of potential for raising businesses awareness and increasing conversion rates. For example video viewers may engage your business for 30-60 seconds compared to a 5-10 second glance at search or display ads.


Quality is King. Search engine users are becoming smarter and manipulating links and keywords now frustrates individuals more than it leads them to new discoveries. The key to success is limited, relevant keywords with solid content.

You already have great content, and search engine marketing is the key to finding the right audience. Contact us for more tips!