It’s tempting to assume that all SEOs are created equal and that you can do your business a favor by finding the least expensive company. If you do that, you’ll limit your reach and may even end up wasting money.

SEO is just like anything else in this way: you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t opt for economy SEO.

cheap seo

  1. The Company Won’t Care About You

If you want outstanding customer service, you’re going to have to pay for it.

Business partners are far more likely to go the extra mile in providing quality service when they’re well compensated.

On the other hand, partners who are offering cheap services will more than likely do just enough to get by.

And that “just enough” is usually not enough, especially when it comes to SEO.

Make sure the company you select can give you a clear reason why they need the budget they demand, as well as projections.

  1. The Company Will Not Be Responsive

SEO is a partnership effort.

You have to provide the SEO with information about your business and your market. The SEO has to use that information to optimize your site.

Unsurprisingly, communication is an important in that partnership. You’ll often need to ask your SEO questions and express concerns.

During those times, you don’t want an SEO that isn’t responsive.

And if there’s one thing that makes a business partner non-responsive, it’s a “he doesn’t pay me enough” attitude.

That’s why you should hire an SEO that charges enough to be a serious player.

  1. You Won’t Get the Technical Knowledge You Need

There’s a reason why some lawyers earn $800 an hour. It’s because they’re extremely good at what they do.

You can think of SEO in much the same way. The expensive SEO companies are expensive for a reason. Generally, they have technical SEO professionals in-house who have worked on large sites.

On the other hand, cheap SEO companies live up to their price tag. They don’t have the track record or experience of their more expensive counterparts.

In some cases, it could be someone who just through up a sign and said, “OK, now I do SEO!”

Guess what? SEO companies have to make investments so that they can provide you with good service.

Follow the money trail here. What do you think happens when SEO companies make rich investments in content marketing and guest posting efforts?

You guessed it. They deliver quality work.

But what do you think happens if they make skimpy investments in those areas?

Easy answer again. The results are likely to be poor.

Now ask yourself this: where do you think SEO companies get the money to invest in the services that they buy?

That’s right. They get it from you, the loyal client.

So it’s simple math. The more money that you pay to your SEO company, the more money that company has to invest in its services.

  1. Your Results Will Suffer

The bottom line is to get your site ranked. You’re more likely to do that when you pay for quality service.

Sure, you might stumble across some company that will offer a few backlinks from a private blog network (PBN) for a couple hundred bucks and think to yourself: “Sold!”

You might even see a pop in rank, but it’s probably not as high as you could go.

And if Google finds out that you used a PBN, your site might even get penalized. If that happens, then you spent $200 to get your site removed from the SERPs.

You also could run into a situation where someone with limited knowledge is asking you to make the wrong changes to your site.

  1. Your Competition Is Paying More

Nowadays, SEO is part of the cost of doing business. Think of it as a necessary expense item like insurance or advertising.

Your competitors are thinking of it like that. And they probably aren’t hiring some fly-by-night SEO company to rank their content.

Some companies have SEO teams with 15 or 20 people!

If your competitors are investing in quality SEO while you’re opting for the cheap option, you will lose.

  1. The Internet Is More Competitive Than You Think

There’s little doubt that you can easily rank a unique brand name.

But that’s not the only way that people in your target market are searching for your product or service. They might search using other keywords related to your business.

That’s why content marketing is so important. You’ll reel in people searching for those other keywords.

To do that, though, you’ll need to rank your content for those search terms. That’s a task best left to a qualified SEO.

Why? Because there are other companies trying to rank for those same keywords.

It’s a very competitive Internet.

So instead of trying to rank content yourself or relying on a cheap SEO company to do it, fork over the cash for an experienced SEO specialist. You’ll be glad you did.

Wrapping It Up

You probably don’t want to hear this, but good SEO isn’t cheap.

If you want to rank your website, you’ll need to work with a company that offers outstanding customer service and has a track record of getting results. That’s going to cost some bucks, but the return is worth the investment.