Are you new to search engine optimization? Are you frustrated over the technical language, even though you know it’s important? You keep hearing that you should focus on SEO for your online business or blog, but every time you do a search for some tips, you get overwhelmed. You don’t know where to start, because you don’t always understand what it is you are reading. What is a regular keyword vs. a long-tail keyword? What is meta-data? Why do search engines play such a big role in everything? Yes, it is understandable why many people turn their backs on SEO – simply because of the learning curve.

Should You Learn Some SEO Tricks?

The short answer is “yes” – absolutely! SEO is still one of the best ways to get leads. Are you thinking about Facebook ads right now? Some people find tremendous success with Facebook ads, but the reality is that it is a rollercoaster. When you put money in, your exposure goes up. When you stop, your exposure goes down. At least that is the general experience for people who invest in social media ads.

Plus, SEO is free. And if you are already blogging, chances are you are already making some progress. It could be minor tweaks here or there that could make a big difference. And who wouldn’t want an SEO boost?

The Foreseeable Future

Should you do what everyone else is doing? No. Copying others won’t give you their success. Plus, search engine algorithm changes are implemented frequently, so what may work today may not be as helpful in two weeks. Instead, go with the trends. See what users are doing and see how you can capitalize on that.

According to Forbes, video content will play a big role in SEO next year. Written content is still considered a standard, but users always want more. You can see that in the growing desire to explore video apps, such as Vine and even the Instagram video feature. Because of this growing trend, social media content will also be indexed higher. We are already seeing this with indexed tweets in Google.

What Should I Do?

To get more leads using SEO, it’s important you focus on your blogging content and tweak the things you are already doing. Chances are you are already crafting content that your readers, customers or potential leads are digging – they just can’t find it!

There is a webinar taking place on Tuesday, October 6th that’s all about learning some SEO tricks that can help you get more leads in 2016. The webinar is called “5 Ways To Use SEO To Get More Leads” and you walk away with an actionable plan.

How are you planning on using SEO to get more leads in 2016?