Being an SEO specialist means continually and passionately learning about the latest SEO strategies and techniques to better improve your search rankings. With over 12 billion web searches in the US alone, businesses have already realized the power of SEO to benefit on this ever increasing search market. And given that search engines are getting smarter and better at understanding user intents, the old SEO tactics won’t cut it anymore unless you learn more about the latest strategies to become a better at SEO in 2016.

The first step that you have to take is to understand which search ranking factor matters the most in today’s SEO arena. According to Moz Inc., the factors that have the biggest impacts are your site’s mobile friendliness, page’s perceived value, usage data, and design, while factors like the effectiveness of paid links and anchor texts are continually losing their bearing.

Taking advantage of the increasing mobile searches is also an imperative these days since most of the consumers use mobile phones to search online. A mobile-optimized website will play a large role in reaching a wider audience and higher conversion rates as more and more people are getting online through a mobile device. It is also important to be keen on the user’s intent by focusing on the natural language on keywords research, and relevant topics when creating your content.

Local search is still proven to bring customers directly into the store in no time, that is why it is also important to personalize the content to perfectly match the local search as well as to get your business listed on the local pages of search engines. Other factors such as the length of the content, site security, and advanced search technology such as voice search, are most likely to influence SEO in 2016. Check the infographic below and gear yourself up by becoming a better and improved SEO this year.


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