How are your link building campaigns coming along? Because the online terrain is constantly changing fast, SEOs and online professionals need to power up their link building campaigns. Online traffic is showing no signs of ever slowing down. Still, getting people to link to your site seem to be a nonstop challenge. Both new and established sites need to strategize and get ahead of the curve. But what are the top link building tactics and strategies you need to employ? Let’s help boost your site with these 10 awesome link building campaigns.

Know your audience and buyer persona


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A successful backlinking campaign can only work if you engage the right people. Identifying your audience and buyer persona is an often overlooked step in search engine optimization. Sure, you need to identify your audience, but you’d be surprised at the number of sites that fail to connect with a vital resource: the target market. You can increase traffic in your site by writing about various topics. But this can only translate to sales if you know and write for the people who are your potential and current customers.

Tap the super power of social media

Although social signals are not part of the Google ranking algorithm, social media remains a large part of effective digital marketing campaigns. Remember that new and established sites need website traffic to achieve their objectives. Tapping the social media can help generate traffic faster and sustain your link building efforts. Create content in various formats as you target the right social media channels and groups. Having your own branded social media page is crucial here. After publishing content in your blog or site, share the link to specific social media groups and repeat the process to different groups in the next few days.

Reach out to bloggers of the same niche


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Engage bloggers of the same niche as yours. For example, you can create a content about a relevant topic featuring bloggers. After publishing your post, you can ask the involved bloggers to link to your post and/or share it to their social media followers. Though some may not link back to your post, there’s a fair chance that some would. Having bloggers share your post will provide you access to a new group and can increase the number of your visitors and subscribers.

Get big time backlinks by giving testimonials

Are you a fan of a certain product or service? Consider writing a review ora testimonial about them. Small and big companies love showcasing customer testimonials. To prove to their visitors that you’re a real person, companies will often put a link to your site. While writing testimonials may sound unnecessary to some, the truth is you can actually get big time backlinks from this.

Do your part and campaign for a cause with SEO Hero


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When your site helps solve a problem, your content becomes useful, necessary, and interesting for visitors. A great tactic for SEO professionals and digital marketers is to join and sign up to become an SEO Hero. Recently, a great opportunity was presented by WIX, a cloud-based web development platform. Through the SEO Hero Contest, WIX challenged SEO companies and professionals to drive awareness and participation in socially-relevant causes. The task is to outrank WIX for the search term “SEO Hero.” In light of the heartbreaking violence that plagues Syria, the team joined the contest to engage SEO professionals. Should they win the $50,000 prize, the team will commit the full amount to Karam Foundation, a group that provides much-needed aid to Syrian children. Talk about SEO social responsibility.

Not everything is about content; try videos

Written content needs visuals to pop. Photos are great, but you can also try creating and embedding videos to your posts. Videos can add interest and a personal touch to your site. With a video, your followers can see you as more relatable. Videos can also help you establish yourself as an authentic and engaging influencer. Moreover, creating video content can be a cool creative outlet to help you overcome blogging mental blocks.

Be organized with your plan


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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by online hustle and bustle. To effectively get backlinks, you need to organize your efforts. Having a planned content calendar helps you to work better. It enables you to create content faster because you have a planned task and topic to work on. You can schedule your social media posts to seek ideas for your blog. You can also have a spreadsheet of the popular blogs in your niche and when you should reach out to them. Being organized saves you time, and it helps set a clear path for your link building goals.

Focus first on content and don’t think about link building for a moment

For new sites, a great linking building tactic is to forget about it for a moment. Focus first on creating quality content. Quality content has the potential to earn links on its own. If readers find your content compelling, it’s likely that they will promote and link to your site. Create content that’s new, shareable, and linkable. Then use content promotion to drive traffic and potentially earn links. After you have produced a decent amount of high-quality content, that’s a good time to plan link building, such as doing outreach and PR work.

Acknowledge domain authorities


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Link building involves using high domain authority sites. Doing so can increase the value and authority of your own site. This practice can also help your site rank better in search engines, especially if you smartly use the terms you are targeting. Getting a few back links from influential sites is qualitatively better than getting many links from low performing sites. Remember to only link to authority sites that are related to your website.

Be consistent in content production

Consistency is key to link building success. Both quality and quantity of content should be consistent. Regularly update your site to avoid low search engine ranking. You’re likely to gain authority backlinks if your site is alive and running by consistently making your content visible in relevant social channels, user communities, and forums.

Digital marketing success requires patience, wit and social skills. Let these 10 link building campaigns strengthen your site, boost its influence, and sustain its edge in the online jungle.