Though AuthorRank is yet to get its due attention, this is something whose impact is going to be much stronger than the effects of the Penguin and Panda combined. If you utilize SEO to expand the presence of your online business, you must have heard about what Google AuthorRank is and what it can hold in its palm. According to search marketing experts, Google will be rolling out this new feature very soon. That means you can’t afford to ignore it, if you plan to stay ahead of the competition.

But what’s AuthorRank (AR)?

AuthorRank is not like PageRank. It’s, in fact, another attempt by Google to make the web world a better place to seek information from. The roll out of AuthorRank, therefore, aims at ranking content in search results on the ground of the author’s (or the content creator’s) expertise or reputation.

Experts believe that the launch of AuthorRank will change the game of SEO in a big way. By evaluating the online reputation of the content creator, Google will try to weed out the low quality content from the SERPs.

AuthorRank is not just about content. It’s about the quality or the credibility of the author who creates the content.

Building AuthorRank Through Guest Blogging

Guest posting (or guest blogging) is one of the most effective ways to build your credibility as an expert. Those who have ignored guest posting till now have, therefore, one more reason to incorporate the same into their SEO strategy. Writing guest posts for someone else’s blogs can do a good job to improve your AuthorRank and obtain the benefits of ranking at the top of search engine results.

While calculating the AuthorRank, Google might consider factors including content endorsements (+1, Like), number of comments, quality of commentors, the online association of the content creator with others in a niche, average PageRank of the author’s content, Wikipedia presence, social shares etc.

Well, there’s one more factor that’s likely to play a major role.

It’s the number and authority of sites where you have been published as an author.

That’s exactly where guest blogging or guest posting steps in.

Getting Started

Though guest blogging has the potential to take your site’s SEO to the next level, it can also be misused pretty quickly. In order to build your AuthorRank via guest posting, you should always focus on creating content that your target audience really cares about. Guest posting is never about cranking out posts one after another. It’s vital to make sure you don’t abuse this practice ( There are SEO companies who can provide a guest posting service if you feel you want proper management).

When planning to publish guest posts, you should only go for those blogs that belong to your niche and are superior in quality. Publishing guest articles consistently will let people know about your expertise. And as you continue to receive the kudos (social shares), you’ll definitely improve your AuthorRank.

Focusing on a specialization is another best piece of advice for all those guest bloggers who desire to build their AuthorRank. First of all, you need to find out about those areas of work, topics or subjects that you have a great passion for. Trying too many topics at a time will probably dilute the AuthorRank rather than improving it.

Building AuthorRank is no different from SEO. You need to have lots of patience, as AuthorRank can’t be built in a day, week or month. Publishing hundreds of guest articles on poor quality blogs won’t help. You must choose only top quality and authoritative blogs for guest posting and be consistent with your efforts.

So, don’t wait. Start building your AuthorRank from today.

How do you think will Google AuthorRank affect the game of SEO? Let’s talk back in comments.