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How to Optimize the Images

Please watch the WordPress Video Tutorial below to get more details than what you will find in this short checklist on the best way and easiest way to optimize your images for WordPress blog posts and pages.

Here’s the checklist:

  1. Optimize the File Name.
  2. Optimize the Alt Tags
  3. Reduce file size.

It really is about as easy as 1, 2, 3.   However, please watch the video tutorial I created below on optimizing images for WordPress.   It’s so much easier to learn when someone just shows you all the details.

In the following WordPress Video Tutorial, I show you how to add SEO-Optimized images to your WordPress blog posts and pages — the easy way!

Check out

Here’s my real inspiration for this video tutorial!  You must click on the link below to the article on the blog. It really gives you some very important details on exactly how to name your image files and what exactly to put in your “alt” tags!

Here’s that outstanding resource from with more details on how to add seo optimized images to your WordPress posts and pages.

How to Resize Images for better SEO?

If you are using a PC you can download a FREE and Easy-to-Use image editor called Paint.NET.   Check out my blog post and video tutorial on how to use Paint.NET.

And this site lets you edit image sizes right over the web.  No need to download anything!

How to Resize Images on a Mac

Where to get the FREE Images!

Check out my blog post with links to some respectable places to get Free images for your blog posts and pages!

The Competition is Tough!

As you can see from the infographic below, there are over 156 million blogs out there!  That’s a LOT of competition! Remember, only the top ten websites get listed on Page #1 of Google.   What’s my point?  Every little thing you can do to help your on-page SEO for every blog post or page is important!   So optimize those images!

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Please let me know how many of these tips and tricks you already apply to images that you add to your WordPress blog posts and pages.

Can you recommend any other sites for free images, or image resizing, or image optimization?

And please let me know if you found this video helpful!

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