On-Page InspectionYou wake up in the middle of the night sweating with that same terrible dream. You see, you were back in school and you missed a test or you submitted some work that did not meet with the academic demands of the class. It’s all over, and you are on your way to summer school, the flunk list or, worse, that awful McJob you fear even more. Life is over, and it’s all because you neglected something important.

Isn’t this horrific? You worked hard to get out of school and get on with life. You wanted independent business success, and hopefully, you were able to find it in some form or another along the path of life. Going back to school and the awful rigors of it seem like the past coming back to haunt you in the very worst way.

But your early life has a way of forming your professional demeanor, and for better or worse, you carry a lot of those values from school with you into your own special working zone. In fact, this can be an advantage more than anything. If your teachers had any noble intention at all, it was to instill you with a true punctual discipline that you could use later in your life.

This tough, critical but careful attitude can help you in online business, particularly with your own web site. There are going to come times when you have to be ultra-critical of your online home base and do a little inspection of it to make sure that all things about it are working smoothly.

If you have noticed that you haven’t had any traffic to your web site over time or no new people have come to check you out via online searches, this means something is wrong and that your search engine optimization (SEO) schemes are in the hole a bit. One thing you can do is inspect your keywords. Does your landing page use long-tail keywords, and the right combination of long-tail keywords, that are recognized in searches for your products online? Are you using competitive keywords that put you high in searches? Keywords need to change with trends, product improvements and client interest. You can’t always use the same keywords, especially on your web site, so if traffic is down, it might be high time to make those keywords you have a bit edgier and more contemporary for client searches.

Then there are your links. When they go dead, you go crazy. All your interlinking plans go down, and you know full well that you may blow all possible traffic lines to your web sites due to one or two bad links. This happens more than you think, but it needs to be dealt with fast. You may have to check your Meta tags to ensure the coding is correct or that they are placed in the right places. You may even have to check all of your interlinking networks to see that all the links are properly placed and each link has the correct Meta tags in each forum. It sounds tough, and it can be a pretty tough job, but it is your web site. If it’s worth being online, it’s worth being there in fully functioning order.

In fact, all of your on-page techniques should be working all the time. Whatever links you have going or whatever tags and/or keywords you have for your graphic material should all be up and running. Online publishers and editors make it their daily job to ensure that whatever material they place online is ready for client usage at any hour of the day. They have to do inspections regularly. Whether you want to or not, so do you. If your on-page techniques work well, the channels for client interest are always open. This is what you want, and it is always worth the inspection.

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