Are you considering working with an SEO company? Are your confused about benefits, pricing and process?

You may be on the fence about it, so I talked to a few businesses that are currently engaged with a firm to find out what they feel the top benefits are.

Here are their answers, and more about what business leaders get from working with SEO companies.

benefits of an seo company


By working with an SEO company you make the most of your team’s time and take advantage of expertise you may not already have.

“My favorite part of working with an SEO company is the ability to tap into a team of experts that can help execute on the marketing vision and strategy. Because we work with an SEO company, our marketing team has the ability to concentrate on other aspects of the business in order to help us grow at a faster rate. My team and I see the most value in the collaborative teamwork that happens with the SEO Company.”

– Patrick Suh, Director of Marketing, ExpoMarketing


Working with an SEO company means being able to hold a proven expert accountable for your results. This provides a kind of freedom that allows you to get back to everything else you’re tasked with and have confidence in the outcome.

“As company leaders, we all have so many things happening: Leading teams, working with individual offices, and juggling many balls at once. Working with a specialized SEO firm allows us to keep on the cutting edge of continual changes and improvements that happen in the marketplace. It also creates accountability around a team that is working on this full time. We just don’t believe we could accomplish the same without a great SEO company.”

– Alex Faigel, Managing Director, Dr. Dental

Staying absolutely current

SEO and CRO are dynamic. Staying ahead of the curve takes constant effort and advanced skill. It’s hard—and for most people, impossible—to run a growing business and stay up to date with SEO too.

“My favorite part of working with an SEO company is that I know we are getting the most up-to-date marketing techniques and strategies. Our SEO company is on the front edge of the industry and makes sure to let us know when changes occur and how they affect us. We let the experts be the experts. It can be very confusing at times, and they are always there to explain what is going on. I can focus on running my business and let them take care of that entire segment of our company. It saves me time and energy that I can focus elsewhere!

– Vanessa Zarrilli, CEO, Surefire CPR

“SEO is constantly changing, making it difficult for a small marketing department to keep up with. For us, working with an SEO company provides us with peace of mind that comes from knowing a team of experts is keeping us ahead in the digital arena.”

– Carley Star, Director of Communications & Marketing at North County Health Services

Efficient results

Using an SEO company means that you avoid reinventing the wheel repeatedly. Your SEO team already has efficient, effective processes in place for each goal and can apply their range of experiences to each one to make it happen.

“SEO is a long-term investment with a lot of moving parts and considerations. Working with an SEO company, I have found that there are already processes in place for most tasks; there is an advantage to this streamlining that working with a dedicated SEO company can give you. Team members are experts in their particular area, whether it be social media, SEO, website development, PPC or something else. Challenges, changes or areas of focus can be tackled simultaneously and quickly as each team member is overseeing their respective interest with the same end goal in mind.”

– Kaycie Smith, Digital Marketing Director at Urgent Care Extra

The long game

An SEO company can show you how to play the long game and win it, too. Even if your in-house team can achieve certain discrete tasks for your business, an SEO company is better situated to accomplish the overarching, long-term goals your SEO long game requires.

“Our favorite part is the constant strategic discussion and game plan that establishes expectations and identifies mutual responsibilities to drive lead generation and results. Having a proactive partner with communication as a priority is imperative since SEO is more than just monthly performance reports and never a ‘one and done’ project. Our SEO company recognizes the need to revise tactics and uncover opportunities based on identified trends, which has proven itself invaluable since we both provide feedback for a rapid and collaborative solution.”

– Richard Arroyo, Director of Corporate Strategy & Marketing at TeleDirect

You’re not the only business in the race

If your SEO results relied only on your own efforts, achieving a higher rank might not be as difficult, but there are always countless competitors striving to achieve a higher rank, too. Using an SEO company ensures that your competitors will be under surveillance and that their strategies will be analyzed by well-educated eyes.

“Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa has always maintained an emphasis on marketing. While the practice had managed to maintain a strong first page Google ranking solely through individual SEO efforts, Dr. Gilbert Lee decided to seek out the expertise of an outside SEO company to help ensure continued success in online search results. Dr. Lee comments, ‘I feel confident that an SEO firm, dedicated to my practice, watching competitor movement and capitalizing on buyers’ habits will be a boon to my practice and ensure my placement in the market.’”

– Jill Darrah, Director of Marketing at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa

“Working with an SEO company has been a fantastic opportunity for our online school because it reassures us that we have experts to guide us with innovative web strategies. Because web traffic is so key to an operation’s livelihood, it’s important to have a second set of eyes and help us rank on search engines.”

– Brennan McLaughlin, Executive Director of San Diego Virtual School

There are so many great reasons to use an SEO company. These companies provide some of the most relevant thoughts on the subject. To learn more about working with an SEO company, feel free to reach out to me and my team.

Summing it Up

At the end of the day, an SEO company can greatly improve your online revenue. Make sure to take time to get fully educated before engaging. Good luck with your online revenue.