When it comes to strengthening your Internet presence, there are countless things you can do. With so many places to begin, actually getting going can be the hard part. Sometimes the best way to achieve greatness is just to get started.

Quick Tips to Help SEO

Below is a list of seven simple things you can do today to help increase your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Get started below by focusing on one easy thing at a time.

  1. Create a new website page. Websites that are regularly updated are one of the best indicators of a website’s relevancy. Make sure that you keep your site fresh by adding new quality content. Simply creating one new page per month can help boost your SEO footprint.
  1. Submit a new directory listing. To improve your local SEO presence, the Moz Local tool is very helpful in giving a pulse for where your site stands. Make a small goal to submit your company to one new directory listing per month. Google My Business is the best place to begin. Correcting an existing, incorrect listing that has been floating out there on the interwebs counts!
  1. Check your site for any errors, and correct them. Things like broken links can affect your site’s performance. Make sure that you regularly check in Google Webmasters Tools or HubSpot to seek out and correct any links that may have broken.
  1. Create a social media post that drives back to your website. Post to your social accounts with relevant and interesting website content. Driving traffic to a particular page or area of your site can benefit your SEO. It’s a win-win: you’ve updated your social accounts and done a small part to help SEO. Added bonus: social media is the new SEO. Adding content to social media sites will ensure that you are searchable on social media too.
  1. Add alt tags to all of your images. Don’t forget about the “images” tab on search engines. Add relevant alt tags to the images that appear on your website. When your pictures appear in image search results, your site gets an added boost.
  1. Publish a relevant blog entry. Creating content that is shareable and current will help drive traffic to your site. The more relevant your content is, the more likely people will be to check it out and share it on their own websites or social media profiles. Being shareable goes a long way with SEO.
  1. Scan for duplicate content. Double check that you are not duplicating content anywhere throughout your site. It may seem like a good idea to post information about an event on your blog as well, but if the pages are mirror images of one other, you could get penalized. Switch up the content a bit so you don’t send the wrong signals to search engines.

What are some simple things you have done to boost your sites organic reach? Let us know in the comments below what has worked for you.