Silhouette of a person doing a jump kick to represent "kickass social media consultant"In the past 5 years, I’ve worked with a number of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agencies and picked up a little bit of SEO knowledge as a side effect. And because of that, I can now proudly write this article detailing why your SEO agency totally needs a kickass social media marketing consultant to work with!

Use Social Media for Content Marketing

Do you do a lot of guest posting for your clients? Or do you perhaps create blog posts for clients’ websites? A great social media marketing consultant should quickly work out a process with you to schedule upcoming client social media posts and share client links that have gone live. Making sure that the audiences on the social media platforms see the content at the right time, plus engage with those audiences and answer any comments or questions is practically everything we do (well, not everything..)! Being sure to track engagement, CTRs (click through rates), bounce rates, etc. as well, to be sure these social shares are doing their job, and getting you the results you need, should also always be a part of the job.

On top of this, if you’re doing outreach to share these new pieces you’re making for your clients’ websites, a dependable social media marketer should be able to share any new links, as a way to give a little “love” back to the webmasters and editors that agree to share your content on their blogs. Sometimes, as you are well aware, these websites even suggest or request this happens, so why not help build those relationships by giving the people what they want? 😉

Social Media Marketing is Another Revenue Stream

Some clients want it all! Only.. you don’t offer it all. Instead of turning a big client away for social media services, why not offer it? A kickass social media marketing consultant is a great way to at least get your feet wet and see if social media helps your business or your clients in a big enough way to help increase that bottom line. And? It’s a win-win for you and the social media consultant! You make clients happy, the consultant gets more projects to work on. Who doesn’t love that situation?

I’ve personally worked with a few SEO agencies over the years, so I understand how outreach and link building can be uber important to your campaigns. I also understand that if you can offer social shares of whatever links you’re able to score, you may sweeten the deal just enough to get the link you need. So why not use someone like me to do just that? The links pour in and the social shares pour out, all without you having to touch a single social media scheduling tool or network.

…Better Yet, Use Social Media to Find Prospects

I’m sure you’re a smart SEO and you’ve used every tactic and avenue known to your craft to earn links and build your business, but have you ever tried using social media? People talk about their blogs on social media all of the time. Looking for websites looking for guest posts? A smart, experienced social media marketing consultant, like me, can find those for you, pretty easily. 😉

Experience in Social Media Marketing

SEO is not social media marketing, and social media marketing is not SEO. We both have our expertise, right? Of course the two can work together in fantastic ways, but ultimately they are completely different, each with industry nuances of their own. I have worked in my field since 2010 and have been a social media marketing consultant for 4+ years. Don’t try to do it all when you add social media to your mix! Let me do my job and make you look good to your clients.

No Micro Managing

What a plus, right? You shouldn’t have to watch over a competent social media marketing consultant’s shoulder to be sure they are doing everything correctly, like you would have to do to, say, an intern straight out of college. They should know what needs to happen, how, and when, so all you have to do is give them some details about the campaign and turn them loose. They should also be able to create the strategies, while reporting on the successes they’ve had each month, and if you give them access to Google Analytics, they should be able to be sure their efforts are building quality traffic with low bounce rates or be able to track conversions coming in from social media (given that everything is setup correctly in Google Analytics!). Any good social media marketer should be able to do any of this without an issue or a problem with explaining themselves, when needed.

So there you have it; 6 reasons that you may have, or may not have, thought about why you should hire a kickass social media marketing consultant. With digital marketing being as big and bodacious as it is, there are a number of social media consultants that work only with different industries. Be sure you find one that is familiar with your processes and problems; your needs and your industry.

Have any other reasons you would add to my list? Leave me a comment!