Long-tail keywords are words that have been heard by many of us but its worth has been underestimated by the majority. Long-tail keywords generates more targeted traffic hence increases the chance of getting conversions.

Is Long-Tail a New Black?

Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired, quoted that:

“The best way to dominate the web in the face of stiff competition is to optimize for long-tail search.”

A large number of brands are using it as a tool to get an edge over their rivals. The long-tail keywords usually have low search volume. The lower the search volume would be the more ranking potential it possesses. Have a look at a great graphic by HitTail highlighting the importance of long tail keywords.


Brands and Their Long-Tail Keywords Power

1. Amazon

Amazon is considered as one of the top selling shopping store in the world. According to Search Engine Guide, Amazon makes 57% of sales from long-tail keywords.

Let’s take a head term ‘wireless headset’ as an example:


The search volume, keyword difficulty and competition are high and will require some time span to rank this keyword in the SERP. Let’s relate this keyword with the Amazon, it takes a charge here and gives a preference to its long-tail version, have a look.


Now this is a great example of a long-tail keyword containing the product along with its brand name and model. If a user is searching this term then there it is highly likely that the searcher will turn into a potential buyer. . Though, the search volume would be low and Amazon would be taking most of its juice as it will be ranked on the top 2 positions in the SERPs.

2. River Pools and Spas

Let me introduce you to another brand known for its long-tail keyword perfection. It is one of the most authoritative swimming pool websites in the world attracting over 500,000 visitors a month.

Sheridan of River Pools and Spas explored long-tail keywords for the website’s blog and came up with an in-depth blog post entitled “How Much Do Inground Pools Cost?” that generated over $2 million in sales.

Let’s overview the value of this long-tail keyword and how it managed to garner such a huge sale.


The search volume is quite low but as it’s a costly product so getting ranked on such money making keywords can generate limitless amount of sales for your business.

3. KISSmetrics

Another great example of a brand that received 142,149 visitors from long-tail keywords in December, 2012. When you perform a domain search on SEMrush for KISSmetrics.com, you’ll find a large number of long-tail keywords in the list where it has been ranked on decent positions.

image-4 image-5

4. WPBeginner

WPBeginner is a high profile blog that builds and sells WordPress plugins and various digital marketing tools. It has been reported that it’s organic traffic increased by 20% in just two months by using HitTail.

They used the HitTail, a premium long-tail keyword research tool. They worked on their on-page structure and started targeting those long-tail keywords which were being missed.


5. Unbounce

Unbounce is another brand that helps their customers in creating powerful landing pages and empower marketers to rapidly build, publish and A/B test without I.T. tailbacks. Apart from their services Unbounce is also known for crafting top-notch and shareable content related to their niche.


As discussed earlier in the article that blogs are the center of attention for the long-tail keywords. Let’s overview the SEMrush organic report of Unbounce to check the long-tail keywords stability.

As we can clearly see that Unbounce is ranking on top of most of the money making long-tail keywords due to its powerful content strategy.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot, one of the most successful inbound marketing company. When it comes to guides, e-books, courses, infographics, stats, surveys and many other types of content HubSpot is considered as a reliable source of information.

According to the SEMrush organic overview, it has been ranked on more than 500K keywords out of which long-tail keywords plays a vital role.


In a Nutshell

With a rise in competition in various niches, the long-tail keywords targeting strategy is becoming crucial. As they carry high conversion value so you can utilize it in converting a reader to a customer. It basically helps user in their decision phase that whether or not to go with a specific brand. Most of the marketers ignore the importance of this powerful technique but it actually deserves your focus and attention. This might be due to the reason that they haven’t got such results through long-tail keywords strategy. Yeah, it happens most of the time when you aren’t producing that up-to the mark content against a specific long-tail keyword. So invest your more time on the keywords research as well as content formation.

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