Link BuildingThe quality of your content will eventually determine just how many backlinks you get. If people see a great piece of content by you out on the web, they’re much more likely to link to you. People who see it are also much more likely to click on your link and end up back on your site.

Quality link building content is at the core of any link building strategy. So how can you create top notch link-worthy content?

1. Interesting & Emotional

People want to laugh, cry, argue, feel passionate, feel moved, feel angry and feel inspired. If your content is dry, even if it’s useful, people probably won’t want to pass it along to their friends.

On the other hand, if your content is emotionally invoking, people will link to it and pass it along. Your content must be interesting and it must be emotional if you want it to succeed.

Being emotional can be as simple as being funny or as complex as inspiring people to save the planet. It doesn’t matter what emotions you evoke, as long as you do evoke strong emotions.

2. Put Facts in Multimedia

People don’t like reading facts and statistics. It’s boring and causes people to fall asleep. However, if you can package unconventional facts in an interesting way, people will love it. They’ll link to it, they’ll pass it along, they’ll bookmark it.

There are a few different ways to do this.

You can put out an infographic. Infographics tend to get linked to a lot. They also work very well on social media.

You can put out a video. You can also put the same information in a flash slideshow. Just make sure it’s entertaining.

The same facts that would be boring in text can easily turn into highly fun multimedia experiences.

3. Make Your Information Timely

People love linking to content that’s relevant to the current times. Take a look at the newspapers and magazines right now. What are people talking about? Is it the economy? Politics? What about in your specific industry? Is there breaking news about a new technique, technology or product hitting the market?

You can get a lot of traffic and attention by “hitching” your link building content on to events that people already know and talk about.

4. Provide Detailed “How To” Information

How to information is one of the most common types of information on the internet. Tons and tons of people go online to find out how to do things they didn’t know how to do before. If you create the best piece of “how to” content in the industry, chances are people are going to link to it.

Try to create how to content with either step by step instructions (including pictures,) or in the form of X tips. For example, “101 Tips for Training Your Dog in 30 Days.”

Try to only do how to content if you can make your content really stand out. Don’t approach a topic that’s already been done to death and don’t approach a topic where you can only provide marginally good information.

5. Learn to Use Images

Using images can help bring your content to life. In an all text article, just having one or two high quality images can be all it takes to make your content shine.

There are plenty of services online that will allow you to use their images in your posts for free. Some of them require attribution, while others don’t require any kind of crediting at all.

Adding an image takes just 30 seconds, but can make a huge difference on the overall design vibe and quality of your content.

6. Turn That Content Into Links

Learn to master the approach. Just because you put out great content doesn’t necessarily mean people will find and link to your content.

Instead, reach out to sites that might benefit by linking to you. Let them know about the various resources you’ve created. Offer to do guest articles and guest posts for them in exchange for a link.

Get in the habit of doing favors for other webmasters. This can help you get linked to. Retweet their tweets, talk about them on your blog or link to them from a different website.

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