In this time when everything from shopping malls to branded stores is closed. There is nothing that people can do outside and this has increased the number of people who use the internet on a daily basis. With the increase in the number of people, there is also an increase in the number of hours people spend on social media and other platforms that are opening doors for organic SEO for businesses. This means that companies need not do monetary promotions anymore and they can increase their presence by doing traditional SEO activities and good content.

Coronavirus has given a lot of time to people and because of that, they are free enough to read most of the things that come across while they surf. It is now the duty of the digital marketing employees of the organizations to put the best content out. There needs to be a proper strategy that can help the brands or enterprises convert people into prospects and prospects into customers.

Tips to Build a Strong SEO Program

  1. Manage online presence:

It is important that brands maintain their online presence in this lockdown. This is the best time to attract people, all of them are at home and have enough time to watch and read. Place the content in a smart way and keep posting at regular intervals. The key to digital marketing and SEO is consistency. It is impossible to get results without consistency, there are moments when people might see growth from a single post or video because they get viral. Viral posts come once in a while and that does not happen with everyone.

One thing that everyone can do is hard work. Hard work is the key to success in every sphere of life including SEO. There is nothing that can increase the reach other than consistency. Even if the content that is being posted is normal, regularity will keep the graph increasing or at least keep it stable.

When there is a break or the time gap becomes more, the graph will go down, and even if the page of the website has many users, it will eventually die. Most of the companies whose online presence is excellent are all working continuously and finding new creative ways to keep the audience engaged with them at this time. Hence, it is vital to maintain an online presence.

  1. Create trustable and relevant content:

Content is the base of everything. Consumer sentiment has been influenced due to this pandemic. People are less optimistic and not following up through the campaigns and offers by various companies. It is important for companies to be reassuring and try to comfort people as much as possible. Content should be early-staged and educational so that it creates trust among consumers.

This is a time of crisis and the company must put the best content forward that establishes trust among the readers. An easy way of doing this is to put the team in the buyers’ shoes and understand their emotions and needs at this time. Catering their needs through valuable content is the only key to have a successful implementation of SEO.

  1. Auditing of upcoming content and campaigns:

It is something that most enterprises do, they have content planned for months. This is the time when they now need to audit all the planned posts and content. It is important because most of them might have become irrelevant to people now. If enterprises made content about “5 places to visit in summers” it is a waste. People can’t go out, they now need to make content like “5 places to visit when things get normal”, that will make more sense. This is something that all enterprises need to do. Putting out irrelevant content will just irritate the audience. Better post less but relevant.

  1. Preparation for the future:

Lockdown will be lifted in some time. The government knows that it will cause a lot of financial problems if everything stays closed. This is why the brands need to be prepared for the future. One important thing to do is to make a strategy that keeps people engaged until the end of the lockdown. Feed them the content they like and also place the products and services in a very smart way. Understand what people will want most after this pandemic ends, how will they shop.

This will help the enterprise find better ways to modify their services as per the demands. Surveys can be conducted to know the thought process of people during this time and what they wish to do after it. Based on the results of those feedbacks, it will be easy to create content and campaigns that will attract them and convert potential customers into actual customers.

The main purpose of SEO is increasing the online reach of the brand and being prepared for the future is one of the ways in which people can do it. It is also essential to follow the trends but more than that it is essential to know what can happen next. Being prepared will help to be among the first ones to put it out. The ones who put out quality content in the starting gets the maximum attraction.

Preparing for the future also decreases the risks that might come in the future. People who knew that situations will get so worse in 2020 already planned their content. There were brands that were circulating content that is helping them to stray in the business till now. Hence, it is a matter of utmost importance, enterprises need to be alert about this. Be prepared and grow when others struggle.

  1. Ramping up the security process:

It is evident that for any company to gain a significant number of clients, it is important for them to gain trust in the present scenario. As there is chaos all over the world, a sense of trust will act as a massive factor behind the success of any SEO program. But, there are hackers who are using the current situation as a tool to promote coronavirus discount codes and coupons, that are nothing but malicious malware. This can harm users and hamper their privacy.

For instance, if a company provides a coronavirus special offer that sells a costly product at unimaginably low rates, it can be a scam to get sensitive information from customers. There are criminals who use the branding and reputation of genuinely trustable companies to lure the consumers and for the purpose of phishing attacks. Giants like WHO and U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have not been spared by these cybercriminals. They have established credibility using these names and then hacked critical information from users.

To protect the security of the company and its website along with keeping a good SEO score, the following are the steps which can be taken easily:

  • Monitoring of log files for crawl errors as it helps to identify the process of search engine crawlers who access the website. This analysis also helps in revealing if any spambots are attempting to hamper the site.
  • The single-Sign-On implementation helps in authorizing users to use one set of login credentials. It can be entered in several applications and hence, much more secure. It is also easy for IT teams to keep track of records. SSO benefits both user and the company
  • Securing the site with SSL will secure the entry of visitors and protect many credentials like payment details, browsing history, and more.


This is the time to analyze the target audience again, there are much more people online than ever, it is easy to find them. There is data that supports that people are preferring online services and are responding to online advertisements. Only one thing is important, quality. With quality, planning, and creativity, businesses can do wonders.

There are instances when low quality can also do wonders with proper planning and creativity but that is called luck and that is bad marketing. It is important to win the trust of the people who come across the product or brands. Trust mostly translates into interest and then it keeps on growing.