5 Things

Whether you have a professional marketing company like us working behind the scenes for you or not, you can and should take a few minutes every day to put in a little work to boost your website’s rankings.

Just as there’s no such thing as being too rich, there’s really and truly no such thing as doing too much to get Google’s attention. As long as you’re going about things the right way and sticking exclusively to white hat strategies, you can’t go wrong.

And while you may not have boatloads of time to devote to getting your site ranked, you can definitely carve out 5 minutes out of every day to do a good deed for your website.

1. Monday: Interact With Your Social Followers

Social media is by no means a “Just set it and forget it” situation. Some business owners think they’ve done their due diligence by setting up social media accounts, or even posting occasionally. But the sweet spot of social media is the actual social interaction – imagine that!

Social signals (likes, favorites, comments, retweets, shares, etc.) play into your Google search ranking, so you want to encourage these interactions as much as possible. And the best way to encourage them is to interact with your followers authentically. Respond personally to their comments, welcome new followers and thank people for their contributions. As they say, like begets like.

2. Tuesday: Respond to Questions on Quora

The people have questions and you have answers. Quora is a website where people can post questions on just about any topic under the sun and expect to get good answers from people who know what the hell they’re talking about…like you.

You can search the questions using key terms from your industry, and then respond to questions you feel qualified to answer. You can even include a link to a helpful resource on your website, like a blog post that addresses the asker’s question. Just be sure not to indiscriminately drop links that aren’t relevant, as Google does not look favorably upon this sort of tom foolery.

3. Wednesday: Become a News Source

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a handy little site that reporters, journalists and writers use to find experts they can quote in their articles. For a measly $19 a month, you can create a profile and have customized alerts sent to you when there’s a writer looking for someone with your expertise.

If you see a question that you know you can answer well, you can respond back. If you’re chosen, you’ll even be able to ask the reporter to include info about you and a link back to your site. Depending on where the article is published, this can be a huge boon to your exposure, organic traffic and SEO.

4. Thursday: Boost a Facebook Post

You’ve no doubt noticed that your company’s Facebook posts aren’t being shown on nearly as many newsfeeds as they once were. Chalk it up to Zuckerberg trying to get companies to pony up for the valuable exposure. Fortunately, it’s still relatively early days and paid boosting is pretty reasonable.

Take 5 minutes once a week to choose your best post of the week to boost – you can put up as little as $10 to have the update seen by a much larger audience. We recommend doing targeted boosting, where you choose your audience based on the demographics of your ideal customer. This way you reach new fans who are interested in businesses like yours.

5. Friday: Contribute to Forums & Groups

Seek out groups on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn as well as independent industry forums, and spend a little time each week contributing to discussions. You can either go the route of groups that are made up of your peers or those made up of your target customer. Either way, join up and become a part of the community.

Again, the key word here is “authentic.” Don’t even think about dropping link willy nilly – you may get booted from the group if your interactions are obviously just about self-promotion. Instead, find a discussion that you have serious knowledge about and then drop that knowledge! And, of course, drop a link to a genuinely helpful resource on your website.

When it comes to SEO, every little bit helps. Any time that you find yourself with a few spare minutes between meetings or you need a little brain break, take that time to do something beneficial for your website’s rankings.

Over time, these small actions will have a big impact on your company’s bottom line.