sustainable-link-buildingLink building is still a very important part of any internet marketing or SEO strategy.

Regardless of how much weight links are currently being given by search engines, they can still be very valuable for your brand. Human interaction is the key to building a functional link that helps to support and sustain your brand’s marketing and SEO goals for years to come.

The key to better link building is sustainability – how long can you continue to create beneficial links for your brand using your current strategies? With the ideas below I am fairly confident you will be able to continue your link building efforts for a long time to come.

  1. Taking a look behind the scenes – Comparing your backlink profile to the profiles of your competitors can tell you a lot about the success of your link building thusfar. It can tell you what kinds of links your competitors have been building, which can then in turn show you places that you may be able to build a few links of your own. It is important to make sure that any potential link building opportunities you discover this way are actually relevant to your brand and its message. The more natural your link building looks, the better.
  2. Check your email for the answers – Did you know that emailing the owners of websites that hold potential link building opportunities and requesting a link back to your site is actually a viable link building strategy? Because Google has been homing in on some of the most successful link building techniques of the past (think sitewide footer links) it makes sense to take an alternative approach such as requesting a link back via email. If you have a local business associated with your brand, why not ask them to place a link back to you on a relevant page of their website?
  3. Guest posting for the win – Yes, guest posting. You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about the merits of guest posting, and you might even have tried it for yourself to judge its effectiveness. While everyone’s individual experience may differ, guest posting is a link building strategy that can work very well when undertaken in moderation. Because so many people have been viewing this strategy as just another means to an end, the idea of only using guest posts to build a few high-quality links and network with other people has been largely ignored when this should have been the goal all along.
  4. Create a few kick-butt infographics – A well executed infographic is a thing of beauty. It can capture the attention of web users of all backgrounds and niches, spreading like wildfire at the speed of a mouse-click. Infographics are well-suited to link building because it is very simple for a brand to connect its name with a graphic it has commissioned or created; simply offer the HTML code for other bloggers and website owners to use to embed the graphic in their own content, and make sure that any social sharing buttons on the same page as the graphic are configured to include a link to your website when the graphic is shared!
  5. Get something to “go viral” – This is the last strategy on the list because it is the most difficult to achieve. When something is very useful to the community and is easy to share, it has the potential to become viral…but it doesn’t always happen. In order to increase your chances of being the next big thing, analyze great pieces of viral content you have seen or shared and try to figure out how and why these pieces reached viral status. Then apply what you have learned to your own awesome content and share it with as many interested parties as you can.


What is your favorite link building strategy from this list? Why did you choose that strategy?

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