In marketing new trends rarely appear out of nowhere – and white label SEO is not an exception. Not every entrepreneur or company could allow themselves the luxury of in-house SEO teams. It is way too time-consuming, financially expensive and requires a lot of resources. That is how SEO resellers came to life with their efficient work and reasonable prices. Basically, white label SEO companies outsource your SEO promotions – and the customer gets all the credit for their work along with his logo on the reports to his clients. Considering the fact that white label agency can only benefit by providing high quality services (thus building up its own reputation), a question appears: what are the perks of being a white label services provider? Why not create your own brand and get the reward adequately to the result?

Apparently, white label services are not all that white and shiny for their providers. There are at least five shades of the color – and if you want to create a white label SEO agency, you should know them all.

Shade #1: Breathtaking Opportunities

So, let us start from the lightest shades and get to the darkest on in the end. There are three solid reasons to occupy yourself with SEO outsourcing for resellers and tips on how to get the biggest profit out of it.

Speaking of reasons to become a white label SEO services provider:

1) Before musing on how limited your business abilities are in such conditions, remind to yourself that you define the circle of services. No need to limit yourself with plain search engine optimization – you can always add pay per click management, social media optimization, Facebook marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization and conversion analysis report. Creating your own team, bear this in mind – the more tasks you will be able to accomplish, the bigger will be demand for the services of your agency.

2) Your responsibility is limited when you outsource SEO for other agencies. Don’t get me wrong – it does not mean that you can do your job recklessly. However, you only have to be responsible in front of one company (which happens to be your customer) and not in front of dozens of clients this company has to deal with. You don’t get to put your logo on reports – and don’t have any further troubles because of that as well.

3) If you are able to provide high quality services, but at the same time your brand is not that popular yet – perhaps you should give the idea of white label SEO a second thought. After all, you can combine activities under your own name and white label ones. The latter might get you more profit and therefore more possibilities to promote your own brand.

Shade #2: Dealing With Specifics

In this section you will find out more about the specifics of white label services. As I have already mentioned, there are plenty of them.

In case you become a SEO-outsourcer, you should pay particular attention to the following options:

  • Search engine optimization. No matter how high you try, you cannot escape this one – it’s the core in white label SEO set of services. You need to provide your customer with organic and naturally looking links, ensuring the rise of his website in search engine rankings. The quality of this service is what matters the most when it comes to the white label agency success.
  • White label software. Just rent your software to the customer – and get profit. Among the subjects of particular interest for reseller agencies I would name software for SEO and PPC audit reports, white label dashboard, reputation monitoring and SEO or PPC reseller programs. Basically, you allow your client to do his own work and benefit from providing him with necessary means to reach his SEO goal. Smart and easy.
  • Social media marketing. Social media optimization (SMO) is a part of SMM and it means developing strategies for your client’s social media. Main goal of these strategies is to get unique visitors to the client’s website (of course, the visitors should belong to the chosen target audience). SMO influences online visibility and search engine rankings, so it would be a smart move to include it into your list of services along with SEO. Twitter and Facebook marketing falls under the scope of SMM as well. It also takes more creative approach than to SMO to achieve results in this field.

Shade #3: Questionable Moments

The most dubious shade on the list, third shade covers all the terms that could be marked as both profitable and negative. These are the reasons of why you might hesitate before becoming a white label SEO services provider:

  • The final target audiences won’t know you. The logo and the message of your client will be on every single paper and report, the credit for all SEO and SMM campaigns you invent goes to his company and he also savors the results. However, with necessary software and smart planning it is easier to launch mass production, deal with multiple clients and get the reward, appropriate for your efforts. After all, you can always combine your activities and both provide white label services and services under a certain name.
  • Re-seller gets your product cheaper than he sells. What could possibly be dubious about this fact, you may ask? The fact that you work with multiple clients and are not measured by just one particular theme. You have a dozen of websites to promote and more possibilities to earn your money, so, even if the re-seller does sell your services for a higher price – don’t worry, you’ll still benefit in the end.
  • Your profit directly depends on the quantity of services you provide. If you can only offer linkbuilding or SMO to your clients, you are unlikely to become the successful white label agency. However, if you are able to provide a wide range of services or have a team that will take care of the SEO techniques or reports you cannot do yourself, being a white label agency will obviously bring you nothing but profit.

Shade #4: Issues That Can Be Solved

Getting closer and closer to the darker side, aren’t you. In this section I will tell you more about challenges you will be faced with as a white label SEO agency… and also about possible satisfying solutions to these challenges.

So here they come, the more or less dangerous issues you will be able to cope with if you pay attention to our pieces of advice:

  • You have to learn to seize the new kind of moment. The sales cycle for a white label services provider lasts longer than a sales cycle of a simple small agency, for example. It takes more time to find a reliable customer with an order that will really put all of your services to use. However, you should simply get used to the rhythm in the first several month of your existence as a white label agency – and then it won’t be viewed as some kind of trouble by you. It’s a matter of habit.
  • The client might lose the grasp on reality. Sometimes your clients will have unrealistic expectations – and it is crucial for you to track this state of things in the very beginning. By unrealistic expectations I don’t just mean weird goals. Some customers have a very vague idea of white label agencies in general and might imagine that you are able to achieve every result twice as faster as every usual marketing company on the Web. Remain polite and attractive from the business point of view, but do not forget, please, that it is better to spend some time explaining the realities of SEO market or find another customer rather than deal with someone who cannot be satisfied with your work by default.
  • Dependence on the customer. When you start working as a white label services agency, you will find out that there are two main ways to cooperate with customers. Either you find yourself several enormous orders (two or three), and you concentrate on work with these three customers, or you get a dozen “light” orders with minimal services for each client. The first type of cooperation seems like a more rewarding one, but you should beware. Of course, it is more comfortable to deal with two clients than with many, and of course, big orders and companies seem like a more reliable source of profit. But if you think it through – it will be clear for you to see that the risks are much higher in the first case. If you lose one of the big clients, it might turn out to be a catastrophe for your business. However, if you cooperate with a dozen of customers at once, the loss of one of them won’t hurt you at all.

Shade #5: Issues That Should Be Accepted

Finally, you got to the darkest side of white label SEO – to the issues that will always be there no matter how you try to get rid of them. But there is nothing to fear, in fact. If you look at these problems from the right angle, they won’t be problems for you at all.

So, here are the issues you will have to deal with on constant basis:

  • As a white label services provider, you will have to compromise. And there is not a single thing you can change about it. White label SEO (what an irony) is a grey business area and as a seller, you will have to find ways to compromise with your client about the packs of services you offer and about conditions of cooperation, because in most cases he’ll express passionate desire to change them. However, in spite of the necessity to be able to compromise, you always have to figure out the certain point for yourself where the further attempts to talk it out are useless. It’s even more important to have standards when you work in a grey sector.
  • You will compete with potential customers (and it will be a very, very strange feeling). Some businessmen call it cannibalization, but there is no need to get so dramatic about this condition. Yes, unfortunately, when you become a white label SEO agency, all of your potential customers are also your competitors. SEO and marketing agencies that could ask for your services any minute are actually competing with you along with the other white label agencies, fighting for links and places up in the rankings.
  • You won’t get praise from the target audience. At least not the kind of praise common SEO and marketing agencies usually get. The final target audience, the customers of your own clients, know nothing of you, because that is the part of the deal. When you start a white label agency, you have to bear that in mind – it’s not just the material credit your client takes from you. It’s about positive feedback and praise as well. Still, if this condition troubles you so much, you can always ask for your direct clients to leave concealed feedback on your website.

As you can see now, white label SEO is not that monochromatic. It gives many opportunities to those, who can work fast and efficient and do not quite care about the promotion of their own brand. On the other hand, it also has certain difficulties that are not very easy to overcome – especially when it comes to people with zero experience in the field of white label services. However, I hope sincerely that this overview of 5 main shades of white label SEO helped you to figure out the main reasons to launch your own white label company as well as showed the specifics of white label SEO services. These services become more and more popular with every year, and every SEO professional (as well as marketer) has at least to be acquainted with the concept.