5-More-SEO-Myths-Debunked-Fruition-InteractiveMyth busters that’s us. At Fruition Interactive, we squash rumors and keep to the facts, particularly when there is constant, and, at times, dramatic, changes to SEO in Toronto.

When discussing best practices, it can be difficult to know what is good advice and what is pure myth. And the absolute last thing you want to do is follow a course of action that could be detrimental to your SEO strategy in Toronto.

We already tackled 5 myths in 5 SEO Myths De-bunked, here are 5 more.

There is no question about it — link building can be a form of spam when used indiscriminately to improve rankings. However, a certain amount of link building is practically essential for the success of your business and can be hugely beneficial for increasing your rankings in organic search. To use linking building as a valid SEO Toronto practice, you should link to only reputable and relevant websites, avoiding small blogs, low-quality material, and mass directory submissions, advises Evan Pryce, head of SEO at SUSO.

7. Lots & Lots Of Keywords

Stuffing content with keywords to increase density has just one result — lower quality posts. A much better SEO Toronto technique is to keep your keyword use concise, which will create a more enjoyable reading experience, reduce the risk that search engines will consider your content spam, and improve the likelihood that users will share your post.

8. Paid Search Helps Organic Results

There is no evidence that paid search affects organic rankings in any way. Actually, all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) have measures in place to avoid any such crossover.

9. Social Media Activity Affects Search Results

Although there is no question that active social following does impact marketing efforts, such as by increasing shares, there is a lack of evidence to support the claim that this carries over into search rankings. Some experts suggest that Google favors content posted on Google+, but in addition to this, your best option is to focus just on social media sites that are home to large numbers of your target audience.

10. Always Include Keywords In Your Anchor Text

In the past, it was useful to optimize your hyperlinked text; however, nowadays, it is no longer essential. In fact, if use too many linked keywords or phrases in a post, Google may penalize you with a lower ranking.

The main lesson to take away from the above is that you should always research the best SEO Toronto techniques rather than blindly believing everything you hear. Remember that changes are happening all the time, and what worked well just a few months ago could already be outdated. With major Google algorithm updates like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, changes to best SEO Toronto practices even change overnight.