Every blogger, webmaster and internet marketer wants to increase website traffic so as to get more income, more readers and authority. This task is not so easy, but if planned properly you will surely will able to increase website traffic.

In this article we will focus on 5 onpage SEO factors which can surely influence your position on SERP. This will indirectly help you increase your organic traffic for free and with less effort.

OnPage SEO Tips To Improve Your Position

Below I have listed out 5 important onpage factors which we are going to discuss here.

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description.
  • Permalink Structure.
  • Keyword research and implementation.
  • Your website design, theme or template.
Onpage SEO Tips
Onpage SEO Tips

Title Tags: Creating Headlines To Attract Humans

The most important factors which not only influence your on-page SEO but also your CTR ( click through rate ). There are certain suggestions regarding making headlines or title tags SEO friendly.

  • Using focus keyword in the start of a title.
  • Keeping your headline simple, error free and catchy.
  • Less usage of stop words.
  • Using brand names in your headline.

(Using brand name along with every post title helps to  improve your brand presence in front of Google and other search engines). You should also try to limit your title length to 65 letters since, if greater, Google will not be able to show the whole phrase and so you will lose credibility. For better assistance you can try using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

Meta Description

Google bots can automatically generate the meta description of your website considering the related search term. But it’s always better to provide custom written meta descriptions tags since it can really improve your CTR. According to many SEO experts, descriptions tags have almost no effect on your SERP, but can surely help you increase your website traffic if optimized properly.

So whenever you write a post, supply custom written meta description with a word length less than 160 words. It should be meaningful and attractive so that information seekers can click on your link.

If you are using WordPress which is regarded as the best blogging platform, then you get built-in support for custom permalink structure. Apart from title tag, your permalink structure is the second most important onpage SEO factor. Below I am providing 5 link optimization suggestions.

  • Keep your permalink short and human readable.
  • keep it meaningful and keyword targeted.
  • Try to remove almost every stop word from the link structure.
  • Use different link names for different posts.
  • If possible use direct post link url %post% structure.

Keyword Research And Implementation

It’s usually suggested to target one keyword per post. This helps you to keep your focus on one topic and to be more creative and productive. But it’s not always necessary. We can target two to three low competition keywords per article basis. If the keywords are closely related then it will help you get more website traffic.

Keyword research:

Before writing any article, make sure to perform in-depth keyword research. Collect and create a list of all related search terms, all kind of synonyms, LSI and long tail keywords.

For keyword research you can use the Google adword keyword suggestion tool, ubersuggest and other premium tools like long tail pro, market samurai and others. Try to search using the exact match function and then check your competitors’ page authority, back-links, content size and social shares.


Once you collect them all, try to determine where you can put them. I will personally suggest using the keyword in the first, middle, last paragraph and in all headings. You should also use them as your image alternate text.

Your Website Design

Today Google uses hundreds of different ranking signals to rank any webpage on search engine result pages. And in these few years the most important have been user experience, bounce rate and social shares. And all of them are directly connected to your website design.

Website design is one of the most important but usually neglected topics. Almost every novice blogger and webmaster makes the mistake of choosing free themes or templates, and in return suffer because of the unvalidated HTML codes, poor SEO structure and design.

But I don’t want my readers to make the same mistake and so please try to use the best WordPress themes for SEO. Premium themes usually have great design and today most of them are even responsive to almost every screen size. Many of them come with integrated support for related posts, short codes, social media integration and schema integration. So overall they are of great use but you will have to pay a small fee for life time updates and support.

So these were five of my personal On page SEO tips for 2013. These are the most important factors and in the coming days user experience, social media presence and authority will play the most important role in your search result positions.

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