The web writing, the writing for the web or the web journalism means any activity that can have a web editor or anyone who takes care of the Web content of your web pages. A few years ago, this profession was unknown by the community on the web. But today, with the new algorithms of Google, the most famous search engine and probably the most powerful, more and more SEO consultants and digital agencies use the service of the web editor. If you feel the soul of an aspiring writer, here are 4 ways to become an SEO web editor…


Since the profession of web editor is still recent, there are few university courses that lead to a degree in web writing. On the other hand, there are profiles that remain closely linked to this profession of the future. Moreover, a course in journalism school or a master in French literature, for example, are highly coveted. Then it will be enough to do another training on SEO to be able to produce texts optimized for Google.

It is still not mandatory to receive a literary training to write for the web. Moreover, if you are self-taught and you feel the soul of an editor, there are several courses on the same theme from specialized digital agencies or independent editors. Just contact them to know their rate or to subscribe to their courses.


Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the best resume that can present a web editor is the blog he maintains regularly, on a subject that is close to his heart. Moreover, better than a portfolio or a classic resume, a blog rich in relevant and well-optimized information will make it easier for your customers to discover your efficient article writing skills and reach you easily.

Regardless of the subject of the blog, it is important to highlight your editorial style, as well as your way of understanding the topic. Moreover, a blog article, an e-commerce product sheet or a marketing article are never written in the same way. You also do not have to spend a fortune to create your blog, there are many free platforms like Blogger or Over-blog that allow you to have a blog page without the need for in-depth knowledge of programming.


It is true that anyone who uses the web can call on the services of an SEO web editor, but there are certain categories that require a regular need for their skills. These are certainly digital agencies, but also SEO consultants. Just contact them via their official website and send them a copy of the editorial.

You can either apply for a position under contract, or practice the profession by being freelance, or under the status of auto-entrepreneur.


Whether you have taken a course in web writing or are self-taught, it is important to find some first clients to gain experience and notoriety. The most practical way for novices is to go through dedicated platforms. So, just register, tweak your profile and let the days to be contacted. But you can also check all proposed projects and even bid by offering the best offer. Later, the client will have to decide who will benefit from the project.

Writing well for the web is not easy, it is important to learn the web writing profession before embarking on the adventure. Moreover, a web editor must be rigorous, competent, responsible and discreet to be able to satisfy its customers as well as Google.