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Your SEO strategy must remain current and updated. A static SEO strategy will end up harming your business and online presence. Whether you are looking for a new SEO consultant/company or just want to tweak your strategy, make sure to ask these 4 questions.

The 4-Question Litmus Test

Ask these four important questions to determine the technical expertise of your prospective SEO company:

1. What methods will you apply to increase our search engine visibility?

Qualified consultants will inform you of the specific strategies they use to increase your visibility in search rankings. Any company which hesitates to do so might lack the proper expertise, it is better to clarify these issues. Inquire about the time frame of the SEO campaign goals.

2. Do you work according to prescribed search engine usage guidelines?

Google, Bing, and Yahoo have published webmaster best practices that must be followed for SEO. Google specifically prohibits spam-like content, keyword stuffing, and hidden links. Good SEO companies realize the importance of these guidelines and violating them is against their own standards.

3. What metrics do you use to measure success rates?

A good SEO company knows that it is necessary to track performance. Determining key performance indicators such as search rankings, bounce rates, average on-page time, etc. However, the most important one will be the amount of leads generated and sales made. An effective SEO campaign will help connect the strategy to the bottom line.
Regular reporting is also a good sign. Ask about their reporting practices. Professional SEO companies will generate clear, easy-to-understand reports. The business owner can use these to understand the process, a few insights that must be included in reports are:

● The exact change process is outlined
● Impacts of changes
● Returns generated
● Issues still remaining
● Possible suggestions to resolve those issues

4. Can you give me a list of your past clients and describe some successful case studies?

The best way to judge the expertise of an SEO company is to look at their past work. This will also help you assess if they have worked with similar businesses and have good domain knowledge. You can enquire about their past strategies and find out if their clients are still getting benefits from the SEO campaigns implemented in the past.

It is necessary to fully explore and evaluate your options when it comes to creating an online marketing campaign. Every business is unique and must have a dynamic, creative campaign. Ask any questions that you have and clear up your doubts before committing to a SEO company.