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It’s a frustrating situation everyone goes through in the early stages of building a business website. You work hard to publish a great piece of content, only to have it nowhere near the top of the rankings. The reason this happens is that the sites ahead of yours have a much higher domain authority.

A site’s domain authority is a ranking on a 1-100 scale, and it’s essentially the site’s reputation. Sites with high domain authorities have proven to be authorities in their fields, therefore search engines will rank their content higher by default.

How can your site join the ranks of those respected authority sites? Here are the four key components it will need.

  1. Picture Perfect Technical SEO

When it comes to domain authority and technical SEO, you can’t have one without the other. For your site’s domain authority to improve, you first need to make sure its technical SEO is at its best.

Technical SEO includes your site’s speed, structure, page titles and descriptions, and internal linking. Make sure that the technical SEO is strong for both the desktop and mobile versions of your site.

  1. No Bad Backlinks

Although there are many factors that go into domain authority, links are the most important. Specifically, you need backlinks from sites with high domain authorities, and you need to avoid backlinks from low-quality sites, such as spam sites, which will bring your site down.

Check which sites are linking to yours once per month. If you find any bad sites linking to yours, ask them to remove the links. If that doesn’t work, then you can disavow the links from those sites.

  1. Social Media Promotion

It’s important to promote your site, and especially your latest content, on social media. One reason is that it will drive your social media audience to your site, but search engines also use social signals in determining the domain authority of a site. When social media users like your content or share it, that can give your domain authority a boost.

  1. Backlink Outreach

Building backlinks from respected domains has a significant impact on your domain authority. There are several techniques for doing this.

One simple method is offering to write a guest post on a popular site in exchange for a backlink to your own. You can also write your own superior version of content that has received a large number of backlinks, and then contact domains linking to the original content to ask if they’ll link to yours instead.

By building your site’s domain authority, it will bring in much more traffic. Even if your site’s domain authority is low right now, don’t get discouraged. It’s much easier to improve domain authority with a low score, which means you have an excellent opportunity to increase your site’s popularity and reputation.