When you first decide to build a website your first consideration should be the URL or domain name. What will it say about your company, product or service? The domain is one of the most important things to consider as it will be your front line in getting people to your new website.

You will inevitably be printing it on your business cards, adding it to your email signature and possibly using it in print advertising. Your URL should be representative of your brand, your purpose or the major benefit of your product or service. It may also be just a catchy name or have some underlying meaning.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Branding – Apple.com you’ve likely been to their website if you own an iPhone or iPad. You know that those products are created and sold by “Apple”. You know that because of their branding. Finding their website is easy.

Purpose – healthychildren.org you may not have heard about them but, if you do a google search for “healthy children” it comes up #1. Their purpose is to help children be healthy.

Benefit – fastshippingservices.com – Doing a quick Google search for “fast shipping” returns this website in the #3 spot, just under Amazon and FedEx, which makes sense, they also offer fast shipping.

Catchy Name – Where to begin. Etsy.com, Ebay.com the list is endless and no doubt you can think of a few dozen yourself.

So once you’ve decided on the type of domain name, it’s time to start getting those ideas down on paper. Grab a piece of paper (or your favorite word processing program) and start just writing down everything that comes to mind. This may even change your decision on what type of domain you will want to use. Once you’ve got it, it’s time to research it a bit. And that will come in the next tip!

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