Businesses are all so obsessed with getting people to visit their website that is easy to forget that the person clicking through to a website is not actually a customer until they make a purchase. Even a business with the most advanced and robust SEO strategy will have trouble converting those visitors into paying customers if they don’t place enough of an emphasis on the actual content found on their web pages. An SEO strategy is incredibly important but so is your landing page. Here are three ways that you can ensure those clicks become paying customers.

1. Create An Effective Call to Action

Your call to action is always going to be the most important part of your landing page. It is the call to action that ultimately lets a person know why they are on your website and how your business can offer a solution to their problem. Without a simple and effective call to action, you simply act as a content provider, and while providing content can be a very useful strategy, it is worth nothing if you are not converting those page views into paying customers. If you have a nutritional supplement that your audience cannot live without, tell your audience why but then link to your sales page. If you have created an eBook that will transform lives, tell your audience why and then provide a link to purchase. Do not be afraid to sell – it is the cornerstone of all business success.

2. Provide No Exit

We all have busy lives and sometimes our attention spans can be lacking. When we feel tired and distracted and somehow find our way on to a new website, we are often looking for exit links as much as we are looking for content to engage with. In order for your landing page to be effective, do not saturate the page with links that will only tempt the visitor to exit from your site. Instead, create compelling content without distractions so that your visitors stand the best chance of being converted into customers.

3. Monitor Your Landing Pages

Without effective reporting and analytics, it is impossible to know where a business is succeeding, where it is failing, and exactly what it can do to improve. In order to convert clicks into consumers, it is essential that you know how people are getting to your site (are people searching for particular keywords, and if they are, how can you structure the content around those keywords and the needs of the consumer?), how long they are staying on the page, how they click out of the page (could you perhaps remove some of the exit points based on your findings?), and exactly how many people are converting from site visitors into customers who are willing to part with their hard earned cash. Monitoring your landing pages will not only provide you with an insight into conversion rates but into the behaviors of your target audience, and that information is invaluable for absolutely any business that wants to get ahead.

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