Link building is essential for your business to get discovered on the internet. If you search on google for link building strategies, you will be flooded with the same answer from different digital marketing gurus: “Create quality content, people will naturally link back to your content piece”. But will they? This is only true to some extent. You cannot create an informative piece and wait for people to “naturally” discover your content. You will have to proactively reach out to them. Following are the simple tactics which will help you find guest posting opportunities:

Find Guest Posting opportunities using Twitter

Searching for guest posting opportunities on google may take upto hours. But yes, there’s an easier way to do it. Thanks to Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are the 2 social media platforms that are widely used by businesses and bloggers. If a guest post is published, it will mostly be shared on Twitter. Here are a few search strings suggested by Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, that you can use to find guest posting websites in your niche on Twitter:

“your niche” + guest post by

“your niche” + guest author

“your niche” + write for us

“your niche” + guest article

I tried the search string( “digital marketing” + guest post by) . Voila! I found a handful of sites for guest posting. Here’s a snippet of the result.

Reclaim what belongs to you

Many a times your product or business is mentioned on third party websites but they don’t give a link back to your websites (knowingly or unknowingly). You will have to proactively reach out to them through emails. But, first you need to identify your mentions. There are a lot of tools in the market to do so. We at Envigo, use Google Alerts and BuzzSumo. It is easy to setup mention alerts using these tools. Here, I am sharing a screenshot of setting up a google alert.

You just have to type in the keyword and click create alert. You can also select your preferences such as frequency, region etc. for the alerts.

See what your competitors are upto

One of the most effective ways to get backlinks is by analysing what your competitors are doing. At Envigo, we use competitor analysis tools like ahrefs not only for link audits but also for discovering backlink opportunities. You can get plethora of data about your competitors. Once you login the dashboard of ahrefs, you will just have to place the URL of your competitor in the site explorer. The result will appear something like this.

In the result, you will find a “Referring Domain” tab. Clicking on it will give you a list of domains that are referring to your competitor’s website. These are backlink opportunities. Since they are linking to your competitor’s website, there are chances that they might give a link back to your site as well.

We all know, acquiring authoritative links improves SEO. But in the year 2016, we will have to think beyond backlinks and build relationships. The aforementioned will become more prominent ways to find publishers and build relationships in the years to come.

I originally published this post at Envigo