Even though everyone still loves to tell you that in SEO, content is king, the right kind of links are proven to rule the search landscape. But link building can be a long and arduous process. For many website owners, there aren’t enough hours in the day to run their internet business, do all of the marketing, and try to get links.

So to help you out, I’ve put together this small list of 3 tools that I use almost every single day as I’m doing SEO and that will help you drastically improve your SEO in 2016.

1. Guest Post Tracker – For Getting Guest Post Links

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
Cost: $5/mo

Getting links and branding from real, socially active blogs can be extremely time consuming. Guest Post Tracker makes it super easy because they maintain an updated list of blogs that accept guest posts.

They also arrange the list of over 600 blogs by category so you can easily find blogs to submit your guest post to in your niche or in a closely related niche.

Unlike the other 2 tools on this list Guest Post Tracker is not a reporting tool. Their software helps you easily submit your guest posts and then also allows you to track all of your submissions so you can have an organized plan of attack.


It doesn’t show you the links you have, but rather it helps you build links to your site, which is what every site really needs.

The most unique and useful part of what GPT does is their link building methodology that they teach. Using their software they show you how to build links using guest posts and produce amazing results. The cost is so low it makes this tool a must have.

2. SEO Chat Social Signals Checker

Difficulty Level: Easy
Cost: Free

Probably the biggest factor in SEO (especially link building) is social signals. In other words, how much social action does a site or a web page have.

This means things like Facebook likes and shares, Tweets, Google +1’s etc. The more social signals a website has the more viable it is to the search engines.

This is why I use SEO Chat’s social signals checker tool all the time. Knowing how social a blog is can help me determine if a site is worth getting a link on.


The tool quickly shows you data for Facebook, Twitter and Google +1. When I do guest post submissions, this is the tool I use to check the blog.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Advanced
Cost: Starting at $79/mo

Ahrefs is a pretty awesome reporting tool. They offer advanced link, keyword and brand reporting. The software really has more features than you could probably ever use but a few of them are extremely helpful.

My favorite feature of Ahref’s reporting tool is the link anchor cloud feature. This shows you which anchor texts are used to link to your website the most. This helps a website owner know very quickly what their link profile looks like. Because we know that certain search engines want to see the majority of the links with either your business name, url or some combination as the anchor text, this tool will show you how you are doing.


Their site explorer is also useful to quickly see what kind of profile a site linking to you has and how much juice the link is passing.

Each of these 3 SEO tools is useful in its own way. From social signals checking to link reporting to link acquisition, you can take these tools and make a big dent in your overall search profile.