One of the biggest and most costly mistakes business owners make when it comes to choosing the right SEO software is choosing the right solution that best suits your business at the right time.

Not all businesses are at the same stage in growth. When it comes to implementing SEO for a new start-up your business will need to focus on the fundamentals of SEO by starting with the websites structure itself, setting up social media accounts and starting your blog. In this case a simple, basic SEO software will be perfectly antiquate while other more established sites might need a significantly more robust solution to ramp up an Off Page campaign, monitor on-page activity and site analytics.

The trick for every business owner is knowing which SEO software solution will best fill their needs now and which will be more beneficial later. With so many options out there here are 3 inexpensive solutions to consider when choosing the best SEO software for you.

1. Website Rocket

Difficulty Level: Novice to Intermediate
Cost: $10/mo

One of the biggest challenges that comes with doing your own SEO is time and money. With Website Rocket you save on both, plus you get the benefits of a well rounded marketing campaign.

According to Website Rocket being vigilant and maintaining a regular schedule is the key for small businesses. So in order to win at the SEO game you are given a quick 20 minute task each day. Tasks might include freshening up your site by writing content for your blog, throwing some social signals by posting on Facebook or link building by submitting your site to a trusted business source like the Better Business Bureau. Every task serves a purpose by helping your website appeal to today’s top search engines.

If you don’t know a lot about SEO and need someone to remove the mystery so that you can be productive then Website Rocket’s simple (newbie friendly) platform might be the best option for you.

2. SEMrush

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: $69/mo

At its core, SEMrush is a fantastic example of what truly robust SEO software program has to offer.

SEMrush’s online platform hosts a plethora of tools, like a Swiss Army marketing knife, that aide in researching, monitoring, and planning for your website’s future.

Niche sites as well as major players in bigger markets find SEMrush invaluable as an all-around online marketing resource that allows everything from in-depth analyzing of competitors to video marketing research reports. If a well rounded, organic promotional campaign is the end goal then adding SEMrush to your arsenal will be instrumental to your success.

Established businesses looking to stimulate their marketing efforts will get the most bang for their buck utilizing all the tools that SEMrush has to offer.

3. Moz Pro

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: $99/mo

Moz is not only a big brand name – it’s every bit an authority in the SEO industry.

Fortunately, in addition to their big name, Moz brings a heaping pile of resources to the table. Not only have they created Domain Authority (the new PageRank) but they’ve also pioneered a number of other assessment tools that will make your SEO campaign well tracked, on point and moving forward.

Moz Pro offers basically everything a business might need to manage their online presence. Number crunchers, prepare to indulge yourselves. Moz’s friendly user interface offers everything from On Page Optimization reports to in-depth site analytics to link quality metrics.

Moz is a robust tool, those who are serious about SEO won’t mind the nominal fee that comes with it because, well, you’ll have Moz on your side.

Be Smart When Choosing The Best SEO Software For You

Lastly, a word of caution if you decide that none of these services are going to work for you. It’s 2016 and search algorithms are not as generic as they once were. If you’re looking for an automated SEO software that you ‘set and forget’ then you’re playing with fire and the risk does not outweigh the reward. Turnkey SEO options that run your website through the same process that it does for every site put into its system can put your website at serious risk.

The most effective SEO software still allows for the human element – which is key to effective SEO today.