Today, I am about to cover 3 easy-to-follow SEO techniques you can implement right away. Techniques that you might or might not have heard of. In any case, they are pretty darn effective.

And if you don’t yet know about them, this post might help improve your SEO skills significantly. So, without further ado, here’s the first technique.

The “Reddit Keyword Mining” Technique

This technique was a game-changer for me when I first heard about it. It is pretty simple and brings great results.

Reddit will help you find keywords that the Google Keyword Planner would never show you. Ones that are easy to rank, yet provide extremely good results.

And here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow when implementing this technique.

Step 1: Go to Reddit Search.

3 Easy To Follow SEO Techniques You Can Implement Right Away

Step 2: Search for something broad, related to your business.

3 Easy To Follow SEO Techniques You Can Implement Right Away

Step 3: Get ready for some keyword mining.

There should be a subreddit community for your search. If that’s the case, click here (that will open the subreddit):

3 Easy To Follow SEO Techniques You Can Implement Right Away

If there is no such subreddit, that’s okay as well. Just find threads about your topic in the search results on that page (the one you see in the image above).

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye on threads where people ask lots of questions. Such threads might be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) or a Q&A (Question And Answer).

If you find such full of questions threads, that’s a sure sign you are onto something advantageous.

Step 4: Start the long-waited keyword mining.

Skim the thread for potential keywords. Some phrases that pop over and over again. Some catchy ones that people would search on Google.

Take notes of anything you find that might be a potential keyword.

In our case, we might find some model of microphone that people talk a lot about. That would be a great keyword to add to our list of potential ones.

Stack your list with as much as keywords as possible.

Bonus Tip: I am currently giving you a guide about Reddit. But, there are lots of other places you can implement this strategy and see as good (if not even better) results. One that pops into mind is Quora.

That’s a place where people ask tons of questions and you can take advantage of most of them right away.

You can easily find even more similar sites on the web. Here’s the time to get creative if you want to see extraordinary results from this technique.

Step 5: Check your potential keywords on the Google Keyword Planner.

By now, you should already have lots of keywords stacked on your list. Some of them Google Keyword Planner would suggest. And some would not be found there in a million years.

Of course, not all of them will work well. In fact, some will have disappointingly bad stats.

Just check them all and find the ones that apply to your requirements. I guarantee you that some of them would never be found on the Google Keyword Planner.

And, if your competitors are unaware of this technique, their SEO optimization will be left far behind yours. They won’t even know about the great keywords you are optimizing for.

The “Steal From Adwords” Technique

This technique is most likely one of the simplest ways to find some great words for your headline. Words that are definitely going to make it more powerful.

This technique is as straightforward as the previous one.

Simply go to Google and write some terms related to your niche. Maybe some keywords you’ve used before.

Then watch out for the Adwords Ads. They look like that.

3 Easy To Follow SEO Techniques You Can Implement Right Away

Take the phrases you see the most and use them to create a headline for an article of yours.

Here aren’t any specific words that repeat over and over again. But we can still create a headline around the ones we see. Something like…

3 Easy To Follow SEO Techniques You Can Implement Right Away

Of course, this might not be the best headline for your article. But it’s definitely a good one. That is because we used 3 of the Adwords Ads.

And, if we are seeing those ads, this means they have most likely been through a series of split tests and they must have earned their place here, in front of our eyes.

Most marketers test out tens, if not even hundreds of variations before they chose their headline and meta description. And the ones you see are most likely performing better than most others, they are proven ones.

You know what they say – “Good marketers imitate, great marketers steal.” And that’s precisely what you are doing here.

You are simply stealing from others what has been proven to work and using it for your own purposes.

That’s an incredibly simple and extremely effective technique you can implement in a matter of minutes. One that can help you think of outstanding (and well-performing) headlines for your articles.

The “Quick Content Refresh” Technique

And That’s our third simple and easy-to-follow technique. One that you can implement in a matter of just a few hours and see great results.

The first thing you need to do here is, to find an old blog post of yours that is not working exceptionally well.

Then you take this blog post and you update it. Make it better.

Update its images. Add some more valuable content to make the post even better. Add more (or better) links to it.

You can even change the headline to something different. Take your time here and get creative about it.

Once you’re ready with that, you can republish this post of yours.

Now comes the fun part.

Send it to your email list, encouraging them to check it out. Post it on social media. Maybe drive some paid traffic to it. Make sure as much people as possible have seen it.

If you’ve done your work properly If you did improve the old post and made a masterpiece out of it (by only changing a few things in it) Then there is a pretty huge chance for you to see an increase in the organic traffic of that blog post.

If done properly, you can expect an increase in the number of organic visitors your blog post gets. Something around 10-30%. If the blog post was performing badly before, then you might see EVEN better results.

In any case, watch your Google Analytics closely in the next few days. You might get shocked by what you’re about to find out.