Carrying out an SEO audit can be a handful. You will spend hours and days trying to cover every aspect of SEO and sometimes you still may not effectively improve your search rankings. Well, you can make the task a lot easier with the right tools.

There are a number of tools that you can use and here we will give you 25 of the top rated ones that will help you rank better.

Google Webmaster Tools

This gives you the ability to see your URL as Google would see it. Since Google is the search engine king, being able to improve your site to Google standards will greatly improve its rankings. It is a free tool with many other helpful tools.

Moz Local Listing Score

It will collect data from different sources including Facebook, Google, Yelp and a lot more. You will receive feedback on how the site looks online and suggestions to make improvements to the overall performance. It even tells you about incomplete listings.


Use this tool to evaluate your optimization and find out where you can make improvements. Woorank will give you reports on 8 sections. SEO, Visitors, Mobile, Usability, Local, Marketing, Social and technology. The first 14 days are free for trial then it will cost about $49 a month.

Keyword Tool

Are you having trouble finding the right keywords to use? Or do you need to come up with effective long-tail keywords? Use this tool to get them all. Just type in a single keyword and it will generate for you a whole list of related keywords along with the related questions commonly asked.

Check My Links

To optimize your links, use this amazing tool. It works in seconds to identify broken links and you can fix them immediately. Good links are highlighted in green while the ones that are bad will be red.

Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to track visitors to your site and see which pages are attracting the most traffic, but that is not all, Google Analytics also provides insight into which keywords were used to direct visitors to your site. This is useful information to track the performance of keywords.

Website Grader

This tool will collect information about your page performance. It gives you a comprehensive report on how easy your site is to find, how optimized it is for mobile, its speed, and security level. It gives a score from 1 to 100 and sends the report directly to your email.

Keyword Planner

This is a tool from Google and it will provide a lot of useful information for you to plan which keywords to use and how to use them. Simply type in a keyword or phrases and it will give you all the related statistics about it like how many people are searching for it as well as suggestions for you to use as well.

Buzz Stream

There is no reason to sit around wondering if your links have been accepted or not. When you carry out outreach, this tool will give you link for link information on which link was accepted and which is awaiting acceptance.

SEO Report Card

Are you wondering how you stuck up to the competition? Let SEO Report Card tell you. Get analysis on your ranking on Yahoo, Bing, and Google, see how well you are using keywords, how your links are performing and more.

Chrome’s Incognito Window

Google offers you the option of searching in incognito mode, this ensures that what you search for is not stored, therefore it does not affect your search data and you can get a clear picture of your site’s actual performance for certain terms.


This gives you complete performance reports on domains. You simply type in a domain name and it will give you detailed data on the keywords it is ranking for, monthly search volume and so on. You can use it to know your own performance as well as that of the competition.

Ahref s SEO Toolbar

Get information about the site’s monthly visits, keyword ranking, keyword difficulty, links and any information you may need to make important decisions as your SEO campaign picks up.

Screaming Frog

It is never easy crawling all URLs on a site, but with this tool, you can check out all your URLs fast and easy and it will identify any problems that need to be fixed on the URL.

Site Analyzer

Conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your site to identify problems in the headings, missing tags, images, and alt text and well as page blot.

SEO Audit Tool

If you have failed to figure out SEO errors on your site, use this easy to use tool to identify them. The audit will also help you eventually rank higher than your competition once you have fixed the suggested errors.

SERP Simulator

This is like the mirror for SERP. You can use it to see what your description and title will appear in the search results. Make changes to suit your preference and check for other issues and solve them before you publish.

Similar Web

Do you need to spy on the competition? Of course, you do. Here is the spyglass for you to get it done. This tool will give you estimates of how much traffic a website gets.


Did you make some mistakes in your linking? Are there bad links out there that Google will penalize you for? This tool will let you know and give you the contacts for whoever can help remove the links.

XML Site Map

Easily and quickly create a site map and upload to Google.


Take a look at how search engines and crawlers see your site.

Yoast SEO

Get suggestions on how to optimize your blog post for SEO on WordPress sites.

SERP Robot

Carry out a comparison between you and your competitor. See where you rank for certain keywords that they are also using.

Schema Code

It gives you the power to decide how your content appears in search results, simply create a code and paste it.

SEO Site Checkup

Diagnose any problem with SEO Site Checkup and have it fixed.

In Conclusion

There are still hundreds of other tools out there that you could use for your SEO audit, but these can give you a quick headstart for your SEO campaign.