Everyone knows how important the rank checking is for SEO. Keyword research and on-page and off-page optimization are just small parts of the SEO puzzle. It is more critical to control how your website is performing in search. Note that site rankings are constantly changing and you should always stay vigilant against your site performance. Rank tracking also helps you find out how your competitors are ranking in search and find the best ways to outrank them.

Before you find the right keyword ranking tool for your SEO needs, you can try out a recommended list of 25 tools that can help you get the most accurate results and improve your website performance.

  1. SE Ranking Keyword Rank Checker


SE Ranking is a 100% accurate keyword rank tracking tool that helps you monitor website positions at any location in the world for all devices. You can also track mobile and Google maps results. If you want to monitor the positions of your competitors, you can add Top 10 rivals and start tracking them as well. The tool is updated daily with fresh data, and you can manually refresh your real-time results.

The tool provides an app available for iOS and Android to track your rankings anywhere, anytime. In addition to rank tracking tool, you can get a suite of tools with a ton of useful features: keyword research and grouping, backlink monitoring, social media management, website audit, competitor research, White Label, page changes monitoring, professional reporting and a lot more.

  1. Traffic Travis


Traffic Travis is a downloadable rank tracking tool to your computer. Unfortunately, they don’t have a version for Mac users. You can create up to to 5 projects and track 500 keywords with a free version. As the tool operates from your computer, the search engine can block your IP address temporarily because of too many ranking requests within a short period of time.

The tool provides a few additional features that you can get for free: backlink analysis, competitor research, on-page analysis. Once you register the tool, take your time and view their super cool features.

  1. SEOprofiler


SEOprofiler may not be wrapped with so many features as other tools from the list, but if you need a simple and easy-to-use tool to monitor keyword rankings. The tool keeps track of site rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo and also gets keyword suggestions. The tool has an integration with Google Analytics and social media channels and provides advanced reporting features. SEOprofiler includes other useful tools including website audit, backlink analysis, competitive analysis tool.

  1. Authority Labs


Authority Labs is another keyword ranking tool that is very easy to use and very useful for getting daily rankings from search engines. The tool helps monitor localized search results and rankings of your competitors as well.

Authority Labs works well for online businesses and large SEO agencies. For large companies, they provide an unlimited number of accounts for team members and clients. There’s an iron-clad white label feature.

  1. RankWatch


RankWatch offers a good suite of useful marketing tools including the rank tracker. The tool provides data from 177 search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. As the above-mentioned tools, RankWatch shows both global and location-based rankings. You can also get valuable keyword suggestions to target.

Alongside with rank tracker, you can try out website audit, backlink report, keyword research, competitor locator and email alerts. The last one allows you get instant notifications of specific changes in your website rankings.

  1. WhiteSpark


WhiteSpark is more interested in local businesses that offers a simple local rank tracking tool. The tool also tracks maps and organic results what help you get how users find you and what competitors are outranking you. I really like this tool as its local results are quite accurate for geolocation that allows you keep track of search requests without any location modifiers.

  1. Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)


Advanced Web Ranking is another ranking tool that operates like a cloud-based and desktop tool for website rankings. It allows you keep track of an unlimited number of websites and competitors. You can schedule automatic updates of your rankings or just refresh them automatically anytime. With AWR, you can also track location-based rankings.

For large agencies, it is pretty convenient to give users specific permissions to view reports or edit data. The tool also provides a white-label reporting feature.

  1. SEO Book Rank Checker


SEO Book is another rank checker that helps perform a large list of keywords. Notice that SEO Book works only for Firefox, so if you actively use this browser, this tool can be the perfect one for your rank tracking needs. The tool allows monitoring up to 100 keywords at once that you can export in a CSV format.

If you are going to use SEO Book frequently, make sure that you can be blocked by Google for too many keyword requests. The doesn’t keep your rankings over time, that’s why it is better to export all of them on a regular basis.

  1. RankScanner


RankScanner is a cloud-based SERP tracking tool that is suitable for startups to enterprises to monitor your keywords’ positions on Google automatically. The tool checks up to 500 keywords per one project for an unlimited number of website.

RankScanner is well-packed with a suite of other useful tools to monitor your SEO performance, including the keyword suggestion tool, seo audit, Buzz mentions, competitor tracking, etc.

  1. Microsite Master


Microsite Master is a web-based tool that can monitor up to 10 keywords for as many websites as you want. You shouldn’t worry about being blocked by Google. The tool sends you daily email reports on your keywords instead of manually checking them.

  1. Wincher


Wincher is a reliable and affordable rank tracking tool that includes 100 keywords per each domain. You can also monitor competitors and refresh your keyword positions every day. It is possible to get customized PDF reports on a regular basis and group your keywords into certain categories in order to get a clear overview of your ranking progress.

  1. Moz Rank Tracker


Everyone knows Moz that is not only a leading SEO consulting company, but also provides a huge suite of useful tools including a simple rank tracker. You can track site rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and send customizable email alerts. The tool allows compare rankings of your main competitors and filters all data by rank, search engines, and much more.

  1. Moonsy Position Checker


Moonsy is a free tool that lets you track Google website rankings and conducts a competitor rank analysis. Moonsy is perfect for bloggers to track site results where you can add up to 10 domains for testing your website or competitor domains.

  1. SEO Centro


SEO Centro is a web-based SEO platform like Moonsy. The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of your website positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Like other tools, SEO Centro helps monitor rankings of your competitors at once.

  1. SERPs Keyword Rank Checker


SERPs is a free keyword rank tracking tool for online business companies and enterprises. The tool tracks not only global rankings, but also location-based results and supports up to 100 countries. SERPs also has built-in keyword suggestion and on-page analysis tools.

  1. SEO SERP Workbench


SEO SERP Workbench is a free Chrome extension that quickly tracks the rankings of websites and supports many countries like UK, US, etc. The tool is perfect for bloggers and SEO professionals that don’t need to worry about their network connection as it can work well offline. You can easily download the software for rank analysis and instant comparisons.

  1. Small SEO Tools


SmallSEOTools provides a complete suite of tools including keyword rank tracking, backlink checker, keyword research, grammar checking tool that is well-designed for SEO users, bloggers and marketers. Its keyword rank tracker works fast, checks up to 20 keywords per one request and supports three search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The tool also gives you the benefit to monitor location-specific rankings.

  1. Tiny Rocket Lab


Tiny Rocket Lab is a small keyword ranking tool that checks up to 10 keywords for free. The tool has a clean and simple interface and isn’t glutted with much information and data. You can also create email reports for free and has an easy integration with Google Webmaster Tools to get search query data from GWT.

  1. AMZ Tracker


AMZ Tracker is a good independent tool to track positions on Amazon. The tool allows you get crucial insight into your keyword rankings to increase sales and optimize your listings. You can also find out total revenue and daily sales of your competitors. The on-page analyzer helps scan for significant Amazon SEO parameters and increase your product listings to get high rankings on Amazon.

  1. GEO Ranker


GEO Ranker is another local tool to track location-based rankings and find out the top local citation sources in order to be ahead of your competitors. You just need to add keywords and enter locations for rank tracking. After you do this, you will get a report showing Google organic and local results. All reports are exported in PDF format.

  1. Rank Ranger


Rank Ranger is an independent ranking tool that includes a lot of useful features like keyword research, on-page analysis and competitor research. The tool monitors your rank for organic and mobile on more than 500 search engines in 100 countries. The white label reports provide you with valuable data for Google maps, local packs, knowledge panels and other Google features.

  1. Rival IQ


Rival IQ helps your SEO and social media beat your competitors. The tool also analyzes your site performance, provides critical insights and works out your SEO against your rivals. You can easily find out how many Twitter tweets your competitors gain and how they are ranking in search.

  1. Search Latte


Search Latte is an international SEO tool that supports 150 international Googles like UK, USA, Germany, etc. Just enter your target keywords, select an international version of Google and get your search results. VPNs and Proxies are not required.

  1. Sistrix


Sistrix is one of the most powerful SEO platforms used by gurus and professionals. You can get the most significant indicators for any domain from site rankings up to social signals and backlinks. The tool has an easy-to-use interface, provides the quality of data and good customer support.

  1. WordTail


WordTail is a simple rank tracking tool that helps SEO specialists and webmasters analyze key phrase data for your websites and your clients. The tool comes with useful features like competitor tracking, keyword grouping, in-depth reports. The results are accurate and fast.

Right now you have a clear understanding what kind of rank checkers are available on the market at the moment and what they do to make your SEO work faster and get good results. Most of them offer not only the rank tracking tool, but also other useful features like website audit, backlink analysis, keyword research and many others.

Have you ever used the above-mentioned tools? Do you know other rank tracking tools? Share your thoughts in the comments below.