Outstanding SEO Resources

important seo blogsNowadays every person with a computer, an Internet connection, and an opinion has a blog, declaring themselves an authority on whatever topic or segment of an industry strikes them. What authority on that subject do they really have? Some actually do, but most do not. For the ones that have genuine authority and knowledge, which ones are the best to read? When it comes to SEO blogs, here are 20 of the most important search engine optimization (SEO) blogs available online that you should be reading.

  1. ViperChill – Created by Glen Allsopp, this site covers more than just SEO. It includes viral marketing and blogging advice, and more.
  2. Kris Roadruck – SEO and content advice are sprinkled with various rants.
  3. Portent – SEO topics intermingled with Internet Markting, PPC tips, and humor.
  4. SEO.com – As the name states, this covers everything regarding SEO including the lastest news, current topics, and upcoming events.
  5. Ranking by SEO – SEO news, tips, and tricks can be found here to help you optimize your website.
  6. Internet Marketing Ninjas – The latest news, trends, notes, and chat within the SEO industry.
  7. Lawmacs – Gary Lawood shares his blogging and SEO tips he’s developed over the past ten years.
  8. PointBlank SEO – Helping ‘ordinary’ marketers to build extraordinary links through SEO development.
  9. SEO Copywriting – Web copy advice, tips, and strategies for great SEO copywriting.
  10. Hubspot – They pretty much wrote the book on inbound marketing and SEO. No one does it better.
  11. Outspoken Media – SEO consulting company that can help you expand your market share and attract new business.
  12. Matthew Woodward – Internet marketing and SEO tutorials can be found here.
  13. Kikolani – Tips and advice for bloggers interested in blog marketing, SEO, social media.
  14. Jeff Bullas – Social media marketing and search engine optimization tips for both businesses and personal brands.
  15. GetElastic – #1 Subscribed Ecommerce Blog featuring ecommerce best practices and better ways to manage digital relationships including mobile, search, social, and multichannel marketing.
  16. Eugen Oprea – Technological side of SEO, and more.
  17. Distilled – SEO topics sprinkled with marketing, mobile, and social media topics.
  18. Copypressed – Helps you drive up your conversations, tighten your SEO with quality content and building brands.
  19. Small Business Search Marketing  – Created by Matt McGee, he shares knowledge of blogging and social media for SEO.
  20. CognitiveSEO – Benchmarking tips and ways to outrank the competition.

With these blogs on your list, you will have the best and most pertinent information for your SEO goals. Whether you are new to SEO or just wanting to stay on top, this SEO blog list will be the best resource for you and your business.

Are there other SEO blogs that you read that aren’t on this list? Share it with us below.

image credit: stuart miles/freedigitalphotos.net