Can a fraction of a second in your loading time affect your online business? Well, obviously, YES. Think about it: we’re pretty sure you have been in a situation where you tried going to a website but ended up just moving on to other sites because the page took so long to pop out. Yup, we’ve all been there. In this fast-paced, almost-instantaneous digital world, most if not all of us demand speed. And if you own an online store, a slow loading page could be disastrous to your business. If you’re not too sure with your website’s speed performance, website speed optimization is key to your success.

There are many ways to speed up your site’s load speed, one of which is using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This is what we’ll be focusing on in this article. What is it, and what can it do to help increase your website’s loading speeds? Read on.

CDN: What is it and what’s it all about

A Content Distribution Network is a system of interconnected servers located around the world that helps in distributing web content in different geographical locations. How can it help boost your website’s loading speed? Well, if you have an online store, especially in a global market, the distance between countries and the sheer number of visitors on your website can significantly affect your site’s loading speed. When you avail the services of CDN providers, however, the loads of data your main server was initially handling can be distributed across different geographical locations through their strategically located servers. This means that it will not only reduce the workload of your server; it could also help your content reach a wider audience without sacrificing your site’s loading speed.

18 Best CDN Providers

If you’re thinking of investing in CDNs to boost up your site’s loading speed, you’ve made a sound decision. Speaking of decisions, there are so many CDN providers to choose from, each offering different services and features to cater to different needs. Aside from the cost, you should also consider what features these providers offer and how these can help you out with your site’s specific needs. It’s also pretty neat to point out that most of these providers offer free trials and versions of their services, which gives you a chance to try all of them out and choose the one that suits your needs best.

Here are the 18 of the best CDN providers available today and what you can expect from them:


  • uses SSD-loaded servers
  • reaches over 90 countries worldwide
  • customizable CDN rules
  • Free trial of up to 30 days; paid service packages available

Amazon CloudFront

  • integrates with other Amazon web services
  • allows usage of own domain name and SSL certificate
  • low latency; high data transfer speeds
  • custom error responses
  • dynamic content support
  • live media streaming
  • own management console
  • price based on usage


  • global network
  • blocks threats, abusive bots, and crawlers
  • simple set up; no need for software and hardware installation
  • automatic optimization of delivery speeds
  • provides analytics
  • free to $200/mo


  • uses advanced networking, dynamic caching, and content optimization techniques
  • real-time health and monitoring notifications
  • no hardware and software to install
  • DDos attacks protection
  • Free to $299/mo


  • global network
  • analytics suite
  • on-demand streaming capabilities in Flash, Silverlight or HTTP
  • price is available upon request


  • 30 points of presence strategically spread worldwide
  • simple interface; full access to files
  • token-based identification for security
  • on-demand bandwidth
  • $99 to $499/mo


  • unlimited points of presence worldwide
  • hyper-local connectivity
  • Hive Cache feature
  • predictive loading
  • encrypted communication between users
  • free to $99/mo

Google App Engine

  • automatic scaling and load balancing
  • secure environment
  • handles a huge amount of data
  • asynchronous task queues
  • persistent storage
  • price based on units used and quota limits


  • open source CDN
  • NetDNA servers
  • 42 POP locations worldwide
  • DDos protection
  • unlimited traffic
  • free


  • 25 data centers available in five continents
  • all automatic
  • no DNS change or manual configurations needed
  • powerful API
  • intuitive control panel
  • real-time data security and protection
  • $35 to $49/mo


  • highly-distributed cloud optimization platform
  • 150,000 servers in 92 countries
  • SSL content protection
  • trusted by Nintendo, NBC, Adobe
  • price is available upon request


  • multinational CDN with infrastructure in China, Russia, Asia, and other emerging markets
  • cloud-based DNS and storage and global load balancing
  • Cloud DNS
  • Cloud Load Balancer
  • Cloud Storage
  • real-time intelligence
  • price is available upon request


  • one of the world’s largest private CDN providers
  • optimizes delivery for multiple HTTP and streaming protocols
  • geo-blocking, DRM and tokenized authentication
  • customizable configurations
  • analytics feature
  • price is available upon request

cdnjs CDN

  • open source CDN by Cloudflare
  • hosts several of popular JavaScript and CSS libraries
  • free

jQuery CDN

  • hosts its own libraries
  • free


  • cloud control panel integration
  • over 230 edge nodes worldwide
  • powered by Akamai CDN
  • multiple interface options
  • instant provisioning
  • custom SSL

Microsoft CDN

  • dynamic site acceleration
  • CDN caching rules
  • HTTPS custom domain support


  • more connections around the globe than other CDN service
  • first CDN optimized for HD video streaming

Speeding up your site’s loading time is vital to your business’ success. Not only will a fast loading speed ensure much better user experience and boost conversion, but it can also actually affect your site’s Google rank. Check these content distribution network companies out and see for yourself how these could help you speed up your site’s loading time.