Increasing conversion rates, generating authentic leads and achieving huge success is much easier said than done.

If you are a business owner, then you probably understand that generating traffic to your website with content, natural search, social media marketing, paid marketing and Facebook ads is simply not enough.

And what’s the point of getting too much traffic to your website if you are not seeing your ROI, sales and conversion graphs move at all? Should you give up and conclude that your marketing team doesn’t work?

No. If you don’t have a compelling landing page then why your visitors will take the desired action?

You need to create more effective website design, landing pages or redesign them so that visitors can make an instant purchase decision, thereby, increasing your website’s conversion rate.

Creating a sophisticated and compelling website design that clearly displays your products and services is the key to your business success.

If you want to increase your conversion rate, here are some result-driven conversion tips that can convert your visitors to customers.

1. Create an Effective Headline

According to some studies, you only have a few seconds to capture the interest of visitors with a compelling headline and landing page. After spending 8-10 seconds, most visitors will decide to leave if your headline is not up to the mark.

If truth be told, the headline is the first thing your website visitors see, ultimately deciding whether or not they want to stick with your website or leave. So, while writing a compelling headline, you should use contextual keywords in combination with some emotional elements to increase your chances of getting more clicks.

Start with your targeted keywords and add emotional triggers to make it compelling. You can use CoSchedule (an effective tool that analyzes your headline and provides insights into what’s wrong with the title) to create an effective headline.

2. Increase Your Loading Time

Did you know a one-second delay in page response can lead to a 7% decline in conversion rate? Visitors want to quickly find the information they are looking for on your website. If your landing page takes forever to load, analyze your content and take every important measure to speed up the loading time. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to check your website speed on mobile and desktop.

3. Persuasive CTA

Use clear calls to action like shop now, sign up, contact us, see our video, try it now. This is what visitors want to see on your landing page. Don’t distract users with some other requests. The best practice is to use one, clear, compelling CTA at a time so that a visitor can easily take the desired action.

4. Use Long-Form Content

It has been observed that landing pages with more content could get more leads up to 220% more than a standard above-the-fold landing page.

It gives marketers more opportunities to come up with a compelling design, engaging content and incorporate primary keywords while increasing your chances of ranking higher on search engine result pages. By using alluring design and compelling content, your landing page can appeal to both humans and search engines, thus increasing chances of driving more organic traffic and increasing conversion rate.

Crafting long-form content may sound little daunting, but these tactics can make the process easier.

  • Create a Clear Outline of Your Goals:

Who is your target audience? Why your content matters to your audience? Is your content offering immense value? How you can make it more engaging and successful?

  • Careful Keyword Research:

    You can use Keyword Planner to check what people are searching for, then use those keywords in your headings, copy and header of your page for better SEO rankings.

5. Increase Your Chances of Getting More Leads

It’s been observed that brands with more landing pages get 12x more leads than those with 5 or less. Similar to how more engaging content on landing pages improve the performance of your website, the more landing pages you can build, the more chances of getting leads.

6. A/B Testing is Must

Believe it or not, A/B testing is key to making your landing pages convert. But some marketers are making some bigger mistakes with A/B tests and you need to stop making such blunders.

  • Bombardment of Testing Elements

By testing more than one element, you jumble the data which makes it more complicated to analyze the results.

  • Analyze the Outcome Too Early

Many online marketers will end a test too early as they start seeing statistically significant positive results. It is recommended to give your campaigns at least a couple of weeks to gain a wider, clear perspective. So, be patient and wait to get the desired results.

Using multiple offer or elements on a landing page can kill the main purpose and distract visitors from the main purpose of purchasing.

7. Use Videos

Embedding videos on landing pages is another effective strategy that can increase your conversion rate. Product videos are a great way to give visitors a clear knowledge of your products while enticing them to make a purchase decision. In fact, landing page videos can increase the product purchase rate up to 14%.

You can embed a video within your header or use videos as a background on your landing pages to automatically play upon opening. You can also add an explainer video to introduce visitors to your brand, your team, products and services in a very clever way.

Believe me, this way you will be able to convert visitors into leads – real leads.

8. Don’t Confuse Your Audience

Displaying multiple offers on a single landing page can lose your prospects’ attention. It is advised to use a specific offer (selling proposition) on your landing page – use a compelling CTA to communicate your offer. Using multiple CTAs or unique selling propositions can weaken your message and confuse your prospects. Landing pages with too many CTAs get 266% less leads than pages that offer a single, stand-out USP.

9. Create a Buyer Persona

By building buyer persona and using the right targeting methods, you can increase your chances of getting more leads to your landing page. Use HubSpot to create your buyer persona.

10. Create a Mobile Version of Your Site

If you are a marketer who hasn’t accepted the mobile trend yet, wake up, as a mobile version of your website can have the potential to double your conversion rate.

11. Use Social Proof to Increase Trustworthiness

Showing micro-conversions (testimonials, customer reviews) can validate the information present on your landing page. They allow your potential customers to clear any doubts. Displaying testimonials and customer reviews (credibility indicators) can lead to a 144.1% increase in landing page conversions.

12. Use Catchy Images

Use images wisely, they shouldn’t be used on landing pages just to fill the real estate. Use them to add value to the overall user journey. Don’t use generic stock images as users tend to ignore such generic stock photos. Use images for a purpose, or else avoid using them.

13. Pushing Users to Make a Purchase Decision

Urgency is indeed a critical aspect of generating leads. Using terms such as “last chance”, “valid for two days”, “one day offer” and “50% discount for weekend” will create a sense of urgency within consumers’ mind and might convince them to make an instant purchase decision.

14. Stay Consistent

If you provide different messages with your different marketing campaigns, you will create your chances of losing potential leads. No matter if it’s a Facebook ad or a meta description, the message should remain constant and align with what you are presenting on your landing page.

Over to You

Whether you are an advertising company, digital marketing agency or web design company, it’s the right time to redesign your landing page or come up with an effective landing page strategy to getting authentic leads for your sales team. Good luck!