12 Free SEO Tools

Knowing what SEO tools to use and which ones to stay away from are one of the key elements of a great SEO when it comes to time management, efficiency, and providing results for clients or your own website. Even though we use SEO Tools that we pay for, we are going to provide you with our 12 favorite free tools below.

For your website to reach the top of the SERP’s (search engine results pages) you will need some really good tools in your arsenal as Google moves fast with alogrithym updates.  With that being said Webmaster best practices (by this I mean white hat tactics) have stayed the course, but without tools like these listed below you will be hard pressed to identify everything you need to fix in a timely fashion or at all.

There are a lot of free resources and tools available online for SEO so if we missed your favorite please let us know in the comments below. If you find a new tool on this list that you fall in love with please share it with your friends and Tweet it above the article title.

12. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is an awesome tool for building long-tailed keyword phrases and keyword theming with the help of Google.  All you need to do is add a term into the box, select a language, and let Ubersuggest go to work.

11.  GTmetrix

User experience is a big part of SEO which means your page load speed is critical. GTmetrix will provide you with an in depth look at multiple factors that affect your page load speed.

page load speed is critical for good SEO

The screen shot is sample test we ran on www.moz.com and as you can see they scored well, but could still use a litte improvement with their YSlow Grade.

Xenu is one of the most powerful crawlers for links available for free and is really good at detecting 404 errors.  Even though the website’s design might be a notch below Craigslist don’t be fooled. Xenu rocks.

SEO web crawler for links resized 600

9.  Remove’em

Remov’em is a great tool to detect if you have over optimized your anchor text which can be a hard problem to detect and an important one to fix.

anchor text over optimization tool resized 600

8.  Robots.txt Generator

Using Robots.txt is critical for search engine sto crawl your site properly so bookmark this site and make it a go to for your site or when taking on a new client.

robots txt generator resized 600

7.  Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO allows you to see how sites are linked to each other because they index just about every website on the planet in vitually real-time.

SEO link tracker

6.  Title Tag and Meta Description Optimization Tool

I know Title Tag and Meta Description Optimization Tool is a long name (SEObin for short), but when you need help optimizing your title tags this is a must have in your bookmarks as it will provide valuable competitor analysis to use in your keyword tracking and theming for SERPs.

title tag seo optimization tool

5.  SEO Quake

SEO Quake will provide you with traffic, social shares, on-page SEO, and more.  The only downside is that you have to download it, but the website provides a lot of insight on how to use the tool.

SEO Quake

4.  Schema Creator

Schema is relatively new, but is extremely powerful for SEO’s that want to stay ahead of the curve and help search engines better understand their website’s pages and content. Schema.org will help you create the HTML needed to implement Schema so all you have to do is insert it to your website.

schema creator

3.  Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of our favorite SEO Tools when we are doing website audits as the information provided after a crawl is extremely robust and accurate as you can see below.  You will need to download it, but it is well worth it as it is easy to set up and you will be up and running in minutes.

SEO audit tool

2.  Wordstream Keyword Tool

Wordstream keyword tool offers one of the largest keyword databases outside of Google and is much easier to use for novice SEO’s or webmasters looking for niche and unque keyword enhancement.

wordstream keyword research tool

1.   Google Webmaster Tools

This is the one tool every SEO not only needs, but needs to be an expert at.  Webmaster tools will track just about everything Google is tracking from your website and provides you with notifications of penalties if you get out of line with your SEO.  It is complicated so if you are new to GWT then be ready to invest some time to learn how to use it.

google webmaster tools

Bonus SEO Tools

Microsoft SEO Toolkit – If you have never ran a website audit before then the Microsoft SEO Toolkit is a great place to start as it will provide you with great insight and help you optimize for Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

SEOmofo will help you optimize your titel tags and meta descriptions so you will know what they will look like in the SERPs.

SEMrush will show you data on both paid and organic keywords and traffic.

XML Sitemap Inspector will validate your current sitemap, detect errors, and pings all major search engines.

There are many more free tools available, but these are our go to on a daily basis.  We would love to hear about your favorite tools if we left it off the list.

If your not an SEO, but looking to learn more about then check out the free ebook below to get started.  It is chalk full of valuable insight and of course it is free.