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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what can increase the likelihood of consumers finding your small business’s website via Bing, Google, and other major search engines.

If a potential customer is using a search engine to find what they need online, SEO will ensure that you appear in their search results.

How SEO Can Improve Your Visibility

If consumers find your small business while utilizing a search engine, that equates to free web traffic.

This is more commonly referred to as organic traffic. Sometimes getting your business’s website to show up on the 1st page of any search engine takes a lot of dedicated time of optimizing your company’s website.

In addition, a lot of your competitors have been doing SEO for years and have earned the respect of Google and you are not going to trump them right away.

Therefore, SEO is imperative since it is a cost-effective manner of attracting new business.

The following will enlighten you on why it is ideal and helpful to use SEO for your small business.

Local Businesses Are Positioned Online

Through the help of search engines, approximately 80% of consumers look for services and products online.

If your small business does not have an online presence, you are essentially denying yourself the opportunity of being found by billions of users each day.

Simply being on the internet is not enough. We see it all the time. Businesses create their first website and sit waiting for the leads to come in. That never works!

This is because approximately 90% of consumers searching on the internet do NOT venture past the very first page of the search results. In that case, just having a website won’t cut it!

SEO is essential for allowing your website to be found. In conjunction with additional online marketing strategies and tools (i.e. blogging and social media), it is quite powerful for the improvement of your search engine rankings, brand awareness, and future success of your business.

Capture New Clientele

One of the primary reasons for creating a website is to increase and diversify your customer base.

Are you aware that businesses grow twice as fast with a website and the right online marketing strategies?

With the implementation of SEO, you can increase your rankings which translate into more customers, leads and sales via targeted online visits.


SEO is an excellent return on your investment. This is due to be being one of the most cost effective and affordable tools that a small business can incorporate for their online marketing presence.

Additionally, SEO for small businesses constantly delivers effective results if done the right way with consistent action.

SEO is more than simply affordable; it is customizable for the respective budget and needs of your small business.

The dividends paid out from this investment are paid out in the long run. This is accomplished due to the local SEO company targeting their efforts towards your intended/desired audience.

SEO can be viewed as a measure of your company’s productivity level. Each dollar that is attributed to SEO can be evaluated via its generated return.

Better Rankings Help Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a wonderful perk that is associated with your rankings in the search engines.

This is beneficial because consumers are more likely to trust a brand that appears in the top positions as opposed to those towards the bottom of the results list.

High Conversion Rate Traffic is Generated

SEO is research intensive while being a highly targeted process, all the way down to the final detail. Via keyword analysis, SEO can determine the scope of the consumer population and a market that is searching for certain keywords that is relevant to your business.

Keep in mind that some SEO professionals tend to incorporate behavioral reasoning to uncover keyword search intent.

When the plan is successfully identified, your company will be able to adequately address the issues, concerns, and needs of your respective audience.

This allows for the building of trust as well as the establishment of a reputable company profile.

desktop vs mobile

Consumers Use Smartphones More than Desktops

Each year the amount of traffic that is delivered to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) is anticipated to exceed far that which is delivered to desktop computers.

Due to this, there is a nubile world of local SEO techniques that are affective for local SEO.

Works with Social Media

A high-ranking website will also rank high in the search result with exposure from their social media platforms.

Social media and SEO have a by-directional relationship. The popularity of social media platforms is ideal for SEO, while SEO increases its visibility.

Competitors are Already Implementing SEO

Ignoring SEO is doing no more than allowing your competition to have a leg up on you in the market. Especially in today’s climate. Organic SEO is more important than it has ever been and your competitors know this.

Your small business definitively NEED a plausible SEO strategy if you want online marketing success.

Outranking Bigger Businesses

It is becoming increasingly more common for smaller businesses to outrank larger counterparts due to proper SEO implementation.

Know Your Ranking

Inside of the Google Search Console, you can go to “Traffic.” From there, go to “Search Queries” to determine where your particular site is ranking on a keyword level.

There are ton of other tools that can provide you valuable SEO insights as well, such as our favorite, SEMrush.


SEO for small businesses is essential for their long-term success. The research and implementation involved may seem daunting, but several companies would be able to assist you with this.

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