Effective planning and work distribution are often at the root of better work efficiency. Whether talking about a small team or a massive department for every sector, keeping a team productive is every business’s #1 challenge. In a situation like this, it’s always best to help your team achieve their full potential by reducing the clutter in workload management and task scheduling.

If you are looking for tools to save time at work, we have the perfect scheduling apps for you. With your tasks scheduled, you and your team can focus better on the actual assets of the project than on managerial responsibilities. 

Keep reading to find out the top 10 scheduling apps2022.

Our Pick for Best Scheduling App: Resource Guru

Resource Guru is easily the best scheduling software and scheduling app for 2022. Here’s why we recommend it:

Here are the standout features of Resource Guru:

  • The tool is trusted by renowned brands like NASA and Ikea and offers extremely affordable plans.
  • While a lot of tools here have their features limited to scheduling meetings alone, Resource Guru gives you complete control over your resources.
  • Scheduling work for your team with Resource Guru is a breeze and requires no technical expertise.
  • It helps you make the most of your employees and utilize their full potential for all billable hours.
  • Resource Guru makes finding the right match for projects a few minutes’ tasks, thanks to its employee search bar.

Best Scheduling Apps: Top 10 for 2022

Here is a glimpse into the best apps for scheduling we will be discussing today:

  1. Resource Guru: Best Scheduling App Overall
  2. Monday.com: Ideal for Weekly Work Scheduling 
  3. Acuity Scheduling: Excels in Self-Scheduling for Clients 
  4. Simplybook: Must-have for Appointment Reminders 
  5. Hubspot Meetings: Top Free Scheduling App for Video Meetings
  6. Bookafy: Specializes in Managing Appointment Data
  7. Setmore: Ideal for Branded Booking Pages 
  8. Todoist: Excels in Tasklist Management 
  9. Skedulo: Specializes in Mobile Workforce Management 
  10. Sling: Specially Built for Shift Management 

Best Scheduling Apps Compared

Need more information to choose your perfect scheduling app? We got you covered. Here is an in-depth review of the ten scheduling apps:

1. Resource Guru: Best Scheduling App for 2022

Trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Nasa, IKEA, and Accenture, Resource Guru is the simplest way to supercharge your team’s performance and productivity. Amongst the plethora of services it offers, scheduling and automation is its most sought-after one. 

Its scheduling tool helps you distribute work equally so everyone makes the most of their time and no one is burnt out. It also comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes scheduling and rescheduling workload among your team a breeze. 


Best Features 

Here is what we love about Resource Guru, one of the best employee scheduling apps:

  • Overall Workload View: Get a comprehensive view of your entire team and their current responsibilities so that you don’t overwork or underutilize anyone.
  • Easy Rebalancing: Why manually assign work to the new assignee when you can simply drag and drop the project from one timeline to another!
  • Easy Search: Looking for the perfect fit for a job? Use Resource Guru’s smart filters to find employees based on skill, experience, and location.
  • Maximum Utility: Make the most out of your employees by quickly using the Availability Bar to look up maximum billable hours and free slots for each employee.

More information about Resource Guru:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Best overall Starting at $2.5/person/month 30-day free trial Email & phone support  Shortcut (iOS & APP) 1500+


Here are the plans offered by Resource Guru:

  • Grasshopper Plan: $2.5/person/month
  • Blackbelt Plan: $4.16/person/month
  • Master Plan: $6.65/person/month


  • Affordable pricing
  • Trusted by renowned brands 
  • Easier to check work availability 
  • Easy drag and drop feature to manage workflow


  • No undo option on accidentally dragging a booking

2. Monday.com: Ideal for Weekly Work Scheduling

Monday is a popular business management software best known for its comprehensive range of features that takes care of your business needs starting from project management and HR to designing and marketing. 

Widely accepted by brands like Coca-Cola, EA, and Hulu, the app is best known for its seamless user experience and interface. Speaking of its scheduling app, Monday realizes the importance of every minute. That’s why it helps you make the most of every billable minute by simplifying scheduling and task management.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Monday.com

  • Weekly Schedules: Plan your week in advance and keep a track of all the important tasks and projects that are soon due to never miss a deadline. 
  • Google Calendar Integration: Monday can integrate with Google Calendar so that you can mark up all important events on the calendar and set reminders for deadlines.
  • Time Tracking: Running out of time even when all your team is at work throughout the day? Use Monday’s time tracking feature to track where you and your team spend each minute of your day.
  • Smart Notifications: Monday’s smart notifications will remind you of important tasks and upcoming deadlines so that your company always stays on top of its responsibilities.

More information about Monday.com:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Weekly work scheduling  Starting at $8/seat/month Free plan Contact Form iOS & Android 50+


Here are the plans offered by Monday.com:

  • A free-forever plan
  • Basic: $8/seat/month
  • Standard: $10/seat/month
  • Pro: $16/seat/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


  • Free plan
  • Intuitive integrations
  • Comprehensive business management tools
  • Mobile app compatible with iOS & Android 


  • Viewing files like PDFs from Google Drive is difficult

3. Acuity Scheduling: Excels in Self-Scheduling for Clients

Acuity Scheduling works best for businesses that require their clients to make appointments beforehand. Managing your appointments all by yourself can get pretty hectic, and there is no point in hiring someone just to take your calls. That’s where Acuity Scheduling steps in. 

It is a user-friendly scheduling application that acts as your personal online assistance and helps your customers book appointments with you online.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Acuity Scheduling:

  • Self Scheduling: Your customers shouldn’t need your supervision to book an appointment; a reliable tool like Acuity Scheduling will help them self-book their appointments.
  • Real-time View: Since the tool gives your clients a real-time view of your availability, you don’t have to worry about accidentally overbooking.
  • Customizable View: Get a customizable view for your online booking page so that it matches your brand’s overall theme.
  • Client Info Storing: Acuity will automatically store all the information your client shares while booking the appointment so that you know exactly what you are dealing with when they show up.

More information about Acuity Scheduling:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Self-scheduling for clients  Starting at $14/month Free trial Email & phone support iOS & Android 850+


Here are the plans offered by Acuity Scheduling:

  • Emerging: $14/month
  • Growing: $23/month
  • Powerhouse: $45/month


  • Free trial
  • No credit card commitment 
  • Customizable form view
  • Real-time availability display


  • Each website/business needs an individual subscription (even if you own both)

4. Simplybook: Must-have for Appointment Reminders

Simplybook is another online appointment scheduling app that allows your customers to schedule their own appointments with you online. The tool is available 24×7, and you can get bookings from both old and existing clients every day without breaking a sweat. 

What makes it slightly different from Acuity Scheduling is that it offers a free account for new users to get acquainted with the tool. The tool also integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Google to help you get leads and manage their appointments better. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Simplybook, one of the best appointment scheduling apps:

  • Appointment Notifications: Simplybook will remind your clients and your team about upcoming appointments through an email or SMS update. 
  • Mobile Optimized: Every booking form or portal generated by Simplybook is 100% mobile-friendly to help your customers get their appointments scheduled on the go.
  • Client & Admin App: You can also create separate client apps for faster mobile booking and an admin app to manage your bookings better.
  • Customizable Features: Spice up your booking page with customizable features like extra coupons, memberships, discounts, etc. 

More information about Simplybook:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Appointment reminders  Starting at $8/month Free plan Help Center iOS & Android  1000+


Here are the plans offered by Simplybook

  • Free
  • Basic: $8/25/month
  • Standard: $24.9/month
  • Premium: $44.9/month


  • A genuinely free plan
  • SMS/Email alerts
  • Mobile-friendly booking site
  • Dedicated apps for clients and admin


  • Your subscription has to be manually renewed every month/year

5. Hubspot Meetings: Top Free Scheduling App for Video Meetings

Hubspot is a renowned business management tool and one of the best social media scheduling apps. Whether you need help with your brand’s marketing, CRM, sales, or even social media scheduling, this comprehensive tool can help you with every aspect of your day-to-day business.

One such lucrative feature of Hubspot is its free meeting scheduler. Clients will often need a one-on-one meeting before they seal the deal. But is it worth it to manage all the nitty-gritty of the meeting manually? Absolutely not! That’s why we recommend Hubspot’s free meeting scheduler.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Hubspot Meetings, one of the best group scheduling apps:

  • Calendar Integration: Hubspot Meetings integrate with Google Calendar and Office 365 so that your clients have a clear and updated view of your availability.
  • International Bookings: Want bookings from clients from different time zones? No problem; Hubspot Meetings will automatically integrate time zones.
  • Automated Contact Addition: Every time a prospect schedules a meeting, Hubspot will automatically add their details to your database, helping you grow your contacts every day.
  • Group Meeting Links: Send group meeting links to your clients in case they want to organize a call with more than one member of your team.

More information about Hubspot Meetings:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Free video meetings Free tool Free plan Chat, email & phone iOS & Android 1000+


This tool is completely free to use. Other plans of Hubspot start at $45/month.


  • Free service
  • Seamless calendar integration 
  • Reliable technical support
  • Automated prospect addition to the database  


  • Additional tech support comes at a cost

6. Bookafy: Specializes in Managing Appointment Data

Bookafy is another reliable online appointment scheduler that makes getting appointments from clients a breeze. The app will take care of your booking-related responsibilities, and all that you have to worry about is showing up on time.

Trusted by more than 25000 companies currently, Bookafy has tons of positive reviews on almost every popular review site. This speaks volumes about its proficiency and commitment to service. 


Best Features

Here is what we love the most about Bookafy, one of the best apps for scheduling appointments:

  • Video Call Integration: Want to get on a quick video call with a lead? Bookafy integrates with Zoom, Skype, Teams, and other similar platforms to give you instant access to seamless video calls.
  • Website Integration: You can easily embed a pop-up or Iframe in your website so that your web visitors are compelled to book an appointment with you.
  • Booking Page: Whenever you create an account, Bookafy will give you a personal booking page per person, booking type, or event. These pages are simple yet beautiful, not to mention that they are also optimized for mobile phones.
  • Admin Dashboard: The admin dashboard gives you access to all staff appointments at a single place where you can rearrange their schedule or download appointment data with a click.

More information about Bookafy:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Managing appointment data Starting at $9/user/month Free plan Live chat iOS & Android 1000+


Here are the plans offered by Bookafy

  • Free 
  • Pro: $9/user/month
  • Pro+: $13/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


  • Mobile optimized booking page
  • Customizable pricing for more extensive needs
  • Seamless integrations for video calls
  • Admin dashboard to simplify appointment management 


  • Confusing to navigate

7. Setmore: Ideal for Branded Booking Pages

Setmore believes in automating mundane tasks so that you and your team can focus on things that actually matter. That’s why its scheduling application helps you manage online bookings from the initial scheduling stage to the final payment stage.

By allowing smooth integration with other tools like Zoom and Teleport, Setmore helps you reach out to your global audience in just a few steps. It also allows you to accept payments in advance securely so that you don’t have to chase pending invoices.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Setmore:

  • Branded Booking Pages: Setmore allows you to brand your booking page by customizing the URL that will take your customers to it.
  • Review Section: Want to convince more visitors to book an appointment with you? Add a review section at the top of your booking page and let them see what your customers say about you.
  • Personalized Reminders: Tired of no-shows? Setmore will send out personalized emails and text messages to remind your customers about their upcoming appointments with you.
  • Mobile App: You can get all the benefits of Setmore’s scheduling application in a compact and responsive mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS.

More information about Setmore:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Branded booking pages  Starting from $5/user/month Free plan Email, phone & chat iOS & Android 3000+


Here are the plans offered by Setmore:

  • Free up to 4 users
  • Premium: $5/user/month for up to 2 users
  • Pro: $5/user/month for 3+ users 


  • Free plan
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Easy and secure online payments 
  • Branded URLs for the booking page


  • Canceling appointments on the customer’s end is tricky 

8. Todoist: Excels in Tasklist Management

Sometimes all it takes is a to-do list to organize your workload and minimize clutter on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking for a scheduling application to plan ahead and design a clear schedule for your day, try Todoist. It is among the best apps for scheduling your day and one of the best free scheduling apps.

Voted the number one task manager and used by brands like Amazon, Shopify, and Disney, you can get started with Todoist for free. This app is perfect for both self-employed individuals as well as teams looking for a tool that keeps their project details organized. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Todoist:

  • Easy Task Addition: Want to add a new task to your schedule today? Todoist makes it easy to make task additions on their user-friendly interface.
  • Task Reminders: Todoist will ensure that you do not miss out on any important task by sending out reminders just before a task is due.
  • Custom Filters: Whether you want to see the most recent tasks on the top or prioritize the ones with a looming deadline, custom filters and flags will help you organize the list the way you want. 
  • Countless Templates: Looking for an appealing design for your perfect to-do list? Todoist has hundreds of templates to choose from. Find one that works best for your needs and get started today.

More information about Todoist:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Tasklist management Starting at $4/user/month Free plan Help center Android & iOS 60+


Here are the plans offered by Todoist:

  • Free
  • Pro: Starting at $4/user/month
  • Business: Starting at $6/user/month


  • Simple task list creation 
  • Countless templates 
  • Advance task reminders
  • Customer filters to organize the task list


  • “Done” tasks cannot be retrieved 

9. Skedulo: Specializes in Mobile Workforce Management

Modern-day workforces need contemporary team management solutions. If you are looking for the perfect tool to manage your mobile workforce effectively, we highly recommend using Skedulo. Managing the shifts for diskless jobs can be complicated, but not with Skedulo. No matter where your employees are, you can dispatch teams, assign work and track their progress from a single dashboard using Skedulo.

The best part of using Skedulo is its clean interface which is easy to understand and incorporate into your daily work tools. It also shows all data in real-time, so there is no time lag between your updates and your team’s status. 


Best Features

Here is what we love about Skedulo:

  • Resource Match: One quick search is all it takes with Skedulo to find the perfect resource match with the right skill set for the jobs at hand.
  • Job Updates: Track all progress made on jobs in hand and schedule upcoming jobs in the pipeline with smart tags that tell you the current status of the project.
  • Map View: Use the Map view in your Skedulo account to track the location of your team and see who is closest to an upcoming job and assign accordingly.
  • Notifications: Your crew is notified with SMS and push notifications any time you assign them a new job, so they never miss out on any updates.

More information about Skedulo:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Mobile workforce management  Not available Demo only Chat & phone iOS & Android Atleast 10 


Pricing is only available on request. You can also request a demo to better gauge the tool’s suitability for your needs.


  • Virtual meetings for clients
  • Visual representation of your team’s calendar 
  • Dynamic message for better team communication
  • Easily find the best resources for a job


  • Long processing time for all job inputs 

10. Sling: Specially Built for Shift Management

The biggest challenge of running any business is to plan the shifts and workload for your employees effectively. You neither want to overwork them nor underutilize them. That said, planning shifts manually can easily take all day, and you might still end up with unsatisfactory results. That’s where Sling steps in.

The tool has thousands of loyal customers currently, including renowned brands like The UPS Store, Subway, and Chick-Fil-A, thanks to its shift scheduling feature. Sling will also allow you to manage time off and shift trading requests.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Sling:

  • Time Tracking: Why use century-old paper timesheets when you can digitally track the click-in and clock-out timings of all your employees with Sling!
  • Labor Cost Optimization: See how much every employer costs you each week and optimize your labor spending by tracking overtime hours, daily wage, and weekly expenses.
  • Detailed Reports: Want all the details of your employees and their work? Sling will create a labor report for you, pulling out every piece of data you will need to understand your employees and their work efficiency better.
  • Team Communication: Why go through the hassle of juggling multiple apps to manage your employees when you can contact them directly through Sling! Send personal or group texts and keep everyone in the loop about their shifts.

More information about Sling:

Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Shift management Starting at $1.70/user/month Free plan Email support iOS & Android Atleast 8


Here are the plans offered by Sling:

  • A free-forever plan
  • Premium: $1.70/user/month
  • Business: $3.40/user/month


  • Simplify shift planning and time-off requests
  • Easily record clock-in and clock-out timing
  • Optimize your spending on labor charges every week
  • Easily communicate with your employees through the integrated messaging feature 


  • The app might lag or glitch at times

Best Scheduling Apps: Comparison Table

Do you want to quickly ascertain which is the best scheduling app of all the options mentioned above? The following table draws out the comparisons between the ten apps across parameters like pricing, the extent of customer support, integrations, specialty, etc. 

App Best For Pricing Free Trial/Plan Customer Support Mobile App Integrations 
Resource Guru Best overall Starting at $2.5/person/month 30-day free trial Email & phone support  Shortcut (iOS & APP) 1500+
Monday.com Weekly work scheduling  Starting at $8/seat/month Free plan Contact Form iOS & Android 50+
Acuity Scheduling Self-scheduling for clients  Starting at $14/month Free trial Email & phone support iOS & Android 850+
Simplybook Appointment reminders  Starting at $8/month Free plan Help Center iOS & Android  1000+
Hubspot Meetings Free video meetings Free tool Free plan Chat, email & phone iOS & Android 1000+
Bookafy Managing appointment data Starting at $9/user/month Free plan Live chat iOS & Android 1000+
Setmore Branded booking pages  Starting from $5/user/month Free plan Email, phone & chat iOS & Android 3000+
Todoist Tasklist management Starting at $4/user/month Free plan Help center Android & iOS 60+
Skedulo Mobile workforce management  Not available Demo only Chat & phone iOS & Android Atleast 10 
Sling Shift management Starting at $1.70/user/month Free plan Email support iOS & Android Atleast 8

What Is a Scheduling App?

A scheduling app is a tool that enables your potential clients or customers to reserve time with you with ease and speed. The scheduling party selects the best time for them using an online portal that displays your calendar and, therefore, your availability. 

A scheduling app will help you cut down on emails, phone calls, emails, and text messages. Your consumer base increases, and you can exchange information quickly and securely. It encourages consumer connection and cashless transactions, simplifies marketing, and strengthens corporate ties. Additionally, it produces the best conversion rates and gives your company more competitive benefits. You can design your own rules and structures, specify your availability, and create scheduling solutions that benefit both your company and your clients.

These tools are utilized by various industry sectors, including those in the health and wellness industry, the professional service industry, the salon and beauty industry, and the medical industry. You can integrate online scheduling tools with various applications, including content management systems, email clients, website builders, and calendaring tools. 

Scheduling apps usually come with the following features: 

  • Online schedule creation, management, and sharing.
  • Timesheets that clock in, clock out, and round break times automatically.
  • Work time punching using computers, mobile devices, landlines, and geolocation.
  • Management of absences, shift swaps, availability, and replacements.
  • Unlimited internet and mobile access (iOS / Android).
  • Instant messaging for business.
  • They offer a platform that enables customers to schedule, change, and cancel appointments online whenever they want.

Why Do I Need a Scheduling App?

Here are the benefits of a scheduling app:

Data-driven Staffing 

Many employee scheduling app systems integrate with a company’s customer relationship management (CRM) or point-of-sale (POS) system, allowing that particular company to align its staffing demands with business trends. 

Employers can see who is free and what staffing requirements the company will have based on historical performance using an employee scheduling tool. This prevents businesses from scrambling to obtain coverage at peak times and seasons of increased work, allowing them to maintain their workflows without interruption.

No Need for Paperwork

If your scheduling system is effective, you won’t need to waste time and money printing stacks of paper schedules that you would traditionally have to distribute to each worker on your roster physically. 

You can immediately see what is on your daily list and the upcoming commitments with the help of online task management apps. Additionally, since a lot of paper wastage is avoided, it is good for the environment.

Allows for Task Prioritization

A significant advantage of having a scheduling system in your company is its ability to arrange work according to priority. This helps you prioritize more critical jobs or have strict deadlines. 

Without a software system, you would have to keep track of priorities and deadlines on your own, perhaps even employ an assistant for it. Needless to say, manually-executed tasks can lead to mistakes. It can also give you the impression that you don’t have enough time to fulfill all your responsibilities and are buried under a pile of work. Your work’s quality could drop, which could ultimately lead to complaints from clients and a decline in sales.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

It’s easy to see how work schedule apps can significantly impact client satisfaction. When your company performs remarkably well, client satisfaction follows suit. With scheduling apps, customers will know that you value their needs, preferences, and desire for more individualized interactions. 

It demonstrates that your company values individual demands. By letting your customers set an appointment to receive the desired level of professional advice, you are helping them take charge of their own experience with you. You’re giving your present and potential clients the freedom to conduct business with you at their convenience. This could hand you a significant competitive edge in a cut-throat economy.

Boost Workplace Productivity

Automation has increased work efficiency in various ways, including appointment scheduling. No longer must you, your administrative assistant, or your receptionist spend the entire day waiting for calls from potential customers. That’s because once you set up a competent scheduling app, it will run automatically and won’t require any manhandling.

Additionally, it will reduce human error like scheduling dates and times incorrectly or overlapping schedules. By removing menial duties, you and your team can focus on more important tasks and achieve more. Additionally, appointment scheduling lets workers know who they will assist during a particular shift. This enables individuals to be as productive as possible by improving how they manage their time and days.


For convenience, most scheduling apps come in the form of mobile apps, allowing you and your staff to manage schedules from anywhere. Employees may access their schedules from any location, make changes, and request time off. 

This is especially useful for individuals who travel frequently or do not work in a traditional office setting. Furthermore, writing down phone numbers and email addresses is time-consuming, and if you make a mistake, you won’t be able to contact your client to discuss or change the appointment. This is a problem that scheduling apps throw out of the window.

Best Scheduling App for Small Businesses

Resource Guru is one of the best scheduling apps for small businesses. It is a cloud-based scheduling program designed especially for small businesses. The solution is built around a central scheduling calendar, providing users with glorious insights into their resources and simplifying resource planning. 

With the help of a calendar feature and drag-and-drop scheduling tool, Resource Guru makes booking and rescheduling a breeze. In addition, this app also comes with a leave management system for PTO approval and scheduling.

Resource Guru makes it simple to manage any time off for your resources, including vacation,  maternity leave, sick days, and other types of time off. It offers up-to-date resources and personalized dashboards, eliminating the need to send countless emails that quickly become obsolete.

The availability indicator on Resource Guru determines how much free time is available for users, staff members, and other resources. Business owners can schedule individuals, conference rooms, phone lines, and other resources on a single synchronized calendar using the Resource Guru management tool. According to project requirements, administrators can modify user access. 

Best App for Scheduling Your Day 

Simplybook is a place where you can post regular updates, shout-outs, goal progress, and discover more about the individuals you work with. It resembles a modern intranet that your staff will frequently utilize.

At Simplybook, you’ll have a quick and automated means to communicate updates on your job, allowing for a regular exchange of information without needing a meeting. Along with a daily planner, you also receive goals, icebreakers, employee milestones, a corporate handbook, and people profiles to keep your team communicating asynchronously.

Users can use this scheduling app to set up recurring services, send out promotions, link service providers, and select and personalize features for the booking site. This app will prove handy for companies in sectors like hair and nail salons, event management, colleges and universities, personal training, fitness gyms, consultants, and other similar services.

Overall, SimplyBook is a feature-rich and efficient online booking solution that assists many business types in streamlining their appointment management and scheduling services to improve client experience.

Best App for Scheduling Social Media Posts

Planning your social media calendar and ensuring everyone on the team is on the same page becomes a breeze with Monday.com’s Work OS. With everything in one location, your entire social media team will be on schedule, and campaigns will be completed on time. 

Monday.com has a variety of templates to get you started, including one specifically geared for social media management, making it one of the best apps for scheduling Instagram posts, Facebook posts, etc. 

This scheduling app creates two boards. In the Request and Campaign Ideas board, members of your team can offer ideas for upcoming social media posts. Next, you employ it to develop a productive and consistent workflow for your social media efforts. The Campaign Progress and Status board focuses on individual campaigns. It displays Completed, Live, Stuck, and Upcoming campaigns. When you accept a campaign on the Request and Campaign Ideas board, the Upcoming Campaigns section on the Campaign Progress and Status board is automatically updated. This is because the two boards are connected.

The various dashboard views available on Monday.com make reporting and data visualization simple, assisting you in making data-driven decisions. This scheduling app also makes it simple to be imaginative, thanks to its color-coded cursors, a real-time interface that allows you to add and change text or shapes, and free-form drawings. Your team would be able to create captivating social media visuals or video storyboards instantaneously.

Best Apps for Scheduling Instagram Posts

Setmore is easily the best Instagram scheduling app. Setmore’s planner was designed for visual content sharing, notably on Instagram. It has several practical features, including hashtag lists and grid preview.

However, you are not limited to scheduling on Instagram. You can also post content to Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. 

In addition to being a mobile appointment booking tool, Setmore’s free tier is one of the more generous, permitting up to four users, social media and website integrations, a personalized booking page with a custom URL, and limitless appointments with email reminders. It does, however, restrict the integration options.

Since Setmore is an Instagram scheduling partner, you can direct all social media traffic to your Booking Page. Visitors can confirm appointments whenever they choose, without contacting you. You can also customize your Booking Page URL to be on-brand and memorable. Individual staff booking URLs can also be personalized, allowing entire teams to use Instagram for appointment booking.

Best Employee Scheduling App

Acuity Scheduling is a scheduling app that is cloud-based and allows businesses to manage employee schedules. The application is designed to meet the demands of small and medium-sized organizations run by either an individual or a small group of people.

By providing a real-time view of their availability, Acuity Scheduling enables customers to automate appointment scheduling. It can automatically synchronize calendars with users’ time zones and send them regular alerts and reminders about their appointment schedules. The scheduling features offered by Acuity Scheduling include configurable calendar synchronization with external applications, intake forms, embeddable calendars, and workshop group scheduling.

The reasonable pricing options of Acuity Scheduling contribute to its ideality. The cost structure is flexible. Moreover, you can also tailor a plan to meet all your advanced appointment, compliance, and legal needs. What’s more, Acuity Scheduling also connects with well-known applications for email, video conferencing, CRM, accounting, analytics, and online payment processing and syncing with your current calendars.

Best Scheduling App for Students

Bookafy is an online appointment app that allows a student to schedule their daily tasks, including classes and extracurricular, in a cloud-based and handy mobile app. Since Bookafy provides for a quick, one-time setup, onboarding is simple. 

With Bookafy, students may arrange tutoring sessions round the clock. Your tutors can specify their availability using this app, and you can then select an appropriate day and hour for the online video meetings. 

You also have the liberty to create a meeting link using Bookafy for a number of meeting tools, including GoToMeeting, Zoom, and others. Bookafy’s skill-based scheduling function simplifies meeting prioritization and scheduling. 

How Bookafy handles calendars between people is one of the features that sets it apart from other booking systems. You can turn on two-way calendar syncing if you want both parties to be able to see each other’s schedules. If you want to see someone’s calendar but don’t want them to see yours, you can opt for one-way synchronization.

How to Choose a Scheduling App? 

Consider the following four factors before committing to a scheduling app:

Automated Meeting Reminders and Notifications 

There’s no denying the importance of scheduling a meeting, but it would hardly be of any use if no one turns up or if attendees are late. Automated reminders, such as SMS texts, emails, and push notifications, inform recipients of meeting start times and lower the possibility of no-shows.

Mobile-Friendliness and Ease of Use

The scheduling app you choose should be simple to use for both the person setting the appointment and the one accepting the invitation to meet. This makes it easy for people to create shareable links or choose a time to meet even when they are on the go. Search for Calendly alternatives available on both iPhone and Android devices, preferably one that has a user-friendly mobile interface and is mobile-friendly.

Establish Your Company Goals and Budget 

Knowing your goals will help you pick a scheduling app best-suited for your needs. For instance, you can choose a calendar with video calling features if you want to establish a more personal connection with your leads.

Secondly, you must have clarity on how much you can spend on a scheduling app. Most meeting scheduling apps charge a monthly subscription fee. For startups and smaller organizations, a more economical basic package with less complicated features should be sufficient, but this is a call only you can make.

Data Protection

Businesses today must prioritize security as new security vulnerabilities come to light on almost a daily basis. Almost every aspect of your business, including client information, payment information, and more, will be stored in an appointment scheduler along with other sensitive and highly confidential information. Therefore, the scheduling app you pick must offer top-of-the-line security.

Conclusion: What is the Best Scheduling App for 2022?

We realize how difficult it can be to cherry-pick the best tool out of all the ten options we have provided you in this article. To help you out, we are going to zero in on what we think is the best scheduling app for 2022 — Resource Guru. Not only will it help you utilize your workforce to the maximum, but it will also make searching for the right candidate for a job a hassle-free and quick process. What’s more, it also offers easy rebalancing, courtesy of its drag and drop tool, not to mention that it’s most sought-after for its impeccable automation. Last but not least, Resource Guru is exceptionally affordable, making it the heartthrob of even small and individual-led businesses.


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