A leading network technology company was brewing over their decision whether or not to move forward with the investment into sales execution software. This customer defined itself as “best of breed” and “cutting edge”. Their customers, including British Telecom, Fidelity Investments, and Thomson Reuters, set high expectations. This customer was committed to partnering only with the best to live up to these exceptional standards.

This network technology customer was experiencing significant and on-going growth. They needed to create opportunities to:

  1. Secure data
  2. Create collaboration
  3. Position sales for success

Gaining greater visibility into the challenges and needs of their sales team would help them succeed at this new level. Providing the 24/7 on-going coaching and automated guided selling could position all their reps, not just the elite, to deliver. Visibility into the moves their sales team would give them the ability to guide their sales team with repeatable, winning processes. The company began exploring digital sales playbook solutions and did their due diligence by looking at eight or more companies, Qvidian among them.

They set clear objectives that had to be met:

  1. One solution that holds everything, no need to go anywhere else
  2. Configurable to any workflow
  3. Reactive – alerting managers and/or subject matter experts to changes made by sales
  4. Ease of use and a clean user interface for the application

As they tried and tested various solutions,their leadership team decided they would base their decision not just on the features of the product, but also the track record of the provider and that provider’s level of commitment as witnessed through its customer service. They wanted a provider that would stand behind its solution, and one that would be available when needed – whenever that might be. And the kicker? The solution had to be implemented within one week to be presented at their annual company summit at the end of that week. It was no small task.

Serving over 1,200 customers over a number of years, Qvidian’s reputation and commitment to customer service is well known. Qvidian ultimately was the best solution for this customer meeting all the criteria above while “offering the simplicity of use and the ability to learn the software within an hour,” according to their Sales Operations Specialist. She adds, “Qvidian’s user interface is clean and smooth. The back end was easier to learn than others. That’s what made it possible for us to implement it and onboard it within one week. Customer service was outstanding. Qvidian’s Project Manager, Helen, offered to come in every day that week and spend as much time with us as we needed. It turned out that once we had the software in place, we only needed her for a couple hours on a few days because this solution is so easy to use.” Helen’s commitment was matched by Qvidian’s sales representative, David. The Specialist continued, “David was amazing. He was very patient and did extra demos for us. Our team was very pleased to see how much Qvidian went above and beyond our expectations!

She went on to say, “Qvidian’s guided selling software is helpful and useful at all levels. It gives you the right data at the right moment. It’s very simple to use, and you feel like you have a sales coach right there. The digital sales playbook is coaching you, training you. It’s like you have people watching over you in a good way. In addition, you can track the activity of your sales team right there. It lets you be a better coach to your sales members helping them succeed at greater levels. If you want to work smarter and faster, this is the way to go. You have people from Qvidian like Helen and David who support you. They give you the time and attention that you want.

“Above and beyond,” that is a term used by multiple customers many times over about the people inside Qvidian. Qvidian has earned a reputation for providing solutions that are easy to use, that streamline and replicate winning strategies, and for having a team that supports it all. What’s the value of a reputation? At Qvidian, it’s everything.