shutterstock_207636175Many people make the pronouncement that they specialize in… Only when you approach them to learn more, it turns out they don’t know a whole lot about your segment of the population. Their misleading statement turns into wasted time and frustration.

The improved approach is to wait until you fully understand your targeted clientele before claiming to be their specialist on call.


One company that does a good job with the mid-life age group falls short in one area. They sell homes designed for those who have chosen to retire. But it was revealed that the design options are very trendy and mostly for a younger segment of the population.

In fact, one employee confessed that many of the new home buyers, return to the design center multiple times, before finalizing a decision. It’s not because they lost mental capacity but because the selections available are not to the taste of their generation.

Improved Situation

Research on the internet will quickly lend insight on the information you need ahead of time to present to your intended clientele. Once you have the understanding of the research in mind, then it should be a straightforward conversation by asking questions to confirm what you learned. There are always exceptions to the rule, so on a person-by-person basis, ask, never assume.

Truth and Consistency

Another conversation was highly energetic and intriguing as to possibilities that might occur by joining forces. Even better, it was conveyed three times early on that there were no upfront fees. The effort would merely be collaborative and a split of the proceeds would take place at the end of the project. It sounded as if there was great potential.

The disappointment came as the conversation wound down. Out of nowhere, an upfront fee was requested. The person was reminded of his initial words.


It was then advised he be very careful in the future to weigh in on what he plans to say and to remain consistent throughout the conversation, and in every conversation from that point forward.

It’s important to remember, people share notes, they talk, and they also post. Consistency and truth are essential. Anything different will affect your reputation and your personal brand.

Asking for Fees

Whenever a fee is involved, it’s best to get that out of the way first. Ask for the person’s budget and what they hope to get out of the investment. Most important is to always convey the truth, check the pulse, and not waste anyone’s time. If the investment isn’t available immediately, ask if there is a better time to reconnect. That’s how most sales are made.


Before you make time for a serious conversation, whether you are the buyer or the seller, become familiar with the other party by researching their profile, usage of keywords, and their sentiments expressed. Doing so lends itself to a more fruitful conversation.

Making a habit of these three habits for a sales approach will lead you to the Smooth Sale!