The television show “Shark Tank” is hugely popular right now, particularly with entrepreneurs – many of whom are my friends. (Though I’m still a huge Mark Cuban fan, for his brilliant business brain! I even drive by his house on a regular basis for inspiration since it’s so close to mine.)

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a reality show where budding entrepreneurs present their ideas to wealthy investors like Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran with the hope of securing their investments.

While there’s nothing wrong with the technical side of the show (production, etc.), it just makes my skin crawl for a number of reasons.

First of all, I’m not a believer in venture capital. I’m part of the Henry Ford school of thought that a business should be built up over time from its own profits, earned through delivering excellent service to customers.

I’ve read the thoughts of Felix Dennis (owner of Maxim magazine and many other publications) on how you must absolutely, positively retain 100% of your business and avoid getting mixed up with venture capitalists like the plague. He calls them “dolphins” because dolphins are cute to look at but are actually one of the most violent, vicious species of animals on earth. He says to shop banks, ask for loans from relatives and friends if you must, but never, ever give even 1% of your business to a venture capitalist.

And then there are the horror stories I’ve witnessed and heard from my own personal friends, who have been to hell and back with these people.

But let me tell you why I REALLY hate “Shark Tank”…

If you’ve seen the show, these people are up there, humiliating themselves on camera in front of millions of people, practically BEGGING for money!

Interestingly, when I did a recent Google search on “cold calling” I came across some articles about the fact that venture capitalists do plenty of cold calling themselves!

They’re fully aware of who the successful start-up businesses are, and they WANT a piece of them. THAT is why they cold call the owners of those start-ups, and pitch them the idea of taking on venture capital!

The dummies on “Shark Tank” usually go nowhere because they’re up there, begging for money, while the real money is out looking for people who are ALREADY successful.

Likewise, salespeople who are not successful and have no clue what they’re doing are also out BEGGING for sales. They’re cold calling, and cold calling equals begging.

While they’re doing that, qualified prospects, who have an immediate need to BUY, are calling or emailing successful salespeople who know what they’re doing, and who know how to get themselves exposed to those hot prospects.

Nearly everyone who goes on “Shark Tank” or who otherwise contacts a venture capital firm looking for money, is denied.

And it’s the same with cold calling. The answer isn’t to cold call. It’s to use effective, Information Age, self-marketing systems and methods that work.

And what are those methods?

That’s for me to know and you to find out!

Sorry, just kidding, but I couldn’t resist……..

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