telemarketing, inside sales, telemarketingNot everyone needs to outsource their telemarketing campaign. Of course, companies that are doing relatively well in terms of sales and marketing may not see the need to hire a third party. However, there are some scenarios in where outsourcing is a good idea. There are issues with outsourcing though, such as the involved costs and what the possible results are from an outsourced telemarketing campaign.

The main thing to understand is that not everyone needs to outsource their telemarketing/lead generation campaigns. Companies that have capable sales and marketing teams will not find a need to look for outside help if they are still doing well in their lead generation efforts and are closing sales. For companies that aren’t doing so well, however, considering to outsource may just be the thoughts that constantly plague their minds.

So are you wondering when the right time to pay for outsourced telemarketing services is? If you are, we’ve put together some scenarios in which outsourcing telemarketing may just be a good idea for your business. Here goes!

Taking on a new market.

One scenario in which outsourced telemarketing services should be considered is when you want to bridge into a new market. Despite the fact that your inside sales team has had amazing success in tackling your previous market, that does not mean that they will fare the same when it finally comes to working with a whole new league of targets to deal with.

So while you invest both time and money in training your inside sales team to handle your new target market, you may need the expertise of professional telemarketers to help you perform lead generation, market research and demand generation. This can be done to supplement the lack of production which you will face when you put your current team into training to take on an unknown market.

Inside sales performance is stagnant.

Your inside sales team may be doing good. It could also be doing bad. No matter the case though, we know that we want them to do better. In such a scenario, we may need to consider outsourcing to help beef up your results or bring in outside professionals to help give us a new look on our target market and help construct a better lead generation approach.

Inexperienced start-up companies.

The success rate of start-ups varies due to the fact that they have such little experience in their target industry that they do not have enough knowledge on how to build a steady sales pipeline. The lack of knowledge on effective lead generation leads them down a road where the only choice is to rely on outside help, thus giving them, hopefully, a steady inflow of sales leads.

Start-up companies must, although it sounds harsh, admit that they lack the necessary inside experience to be effective at generating leads. So who do they turn to? Outside help from B2B marketing companies. With the many marketing strategies to employ though, lead generation through teleprospecting should still be part of any B2B start-ups repertoire of lead generation approaches. So instead of training their teams to perform this at an early point in their life as a business, they can instead let their sales personnel focus on what they do best – closing sales instead of generating leads.

In all these scenarios, we can see one thing in common: we let the professionals help us in getting better results, in this case that being obtaining better results through outsourced telemarketing services. There are many more scenarios in which outsourced telemarketing would be considered, however, these are just some common examples on when those times are.