Ideally, your B2B software leads should only mark the beginning of a long and promising business relationship. You do not want to cut ties as soon as the sale has been made or the implementation project has been completed. You would want to open yourself to feedback and create connections of mutual benefit by using it to improve your HR products.

Not All Software Leads Wind Up That Way

Software Leads, HR Software Leads, Lead GenerationUnfortunately, there are times when it does not look like business with a particular client will last long. It may not even be for sad reasons like decline or lack of interest. Sometimes you just have prospects who need your software for an important, one-time opportunity.

For a fun example, consider expeditions. Whether it is the famous ones in history or the fantastical ones in fiction, expeditions offered many businesses and professionals alike the chance of their lifetimes. Investors see the promise of profit that sets them up long-term. Explorers see the promise of thrills and adventures. Researchers see the promise of progress and more knowledge for future generations. The list goes on. You however will also see that such promise causes this opportunity to stand out among your sales leads.

That does not change the fact that it will only be a one-time gig.

But first, exactly where would you even fit in in this picture and make expeditions a likely presence among your software leads? In case you missed it, your HR software has the capacity to recruit highly-qualified specialists. Ever noticed how movies that feature expeditions comes with a cast or crew of differently skilled individuals? Furthermore, ever asked yourself who did the recruiting and how?

Your software could be one way.

So when your software leads somehow introduce you to a prospect with this type of venture on the way, ask yourself real hard if it is worth it. Answering may not be as easy as it sounds. Consider the following factors:

  • Are you used to the kind of work planned? – Your software will be used to recruit explorers and specialized researchers. These are not your typical blue-collar or white-collar applicants. Are you ready to discuss your software with someone who does a far different kind of business?
  • Does it require high specialization? – Most likely, it will. Otherwise, your software may not be able to locate the best people for such an adventure. On the other hand, the prospect behind it may not have taken interest unless you yourself were confident in delivering something a little more than the usual.
  • Can you make it more worth it? – Arrogant this may sound but why would you expect the same old pay for something a little fine-tuned for your prospect? Think about it. They already stand out among your HR software leads that you could have also dedicated to serve. How about a more sufficient price or even the chance to leave your own mark?

Taking part in significant, one-time opportunities should not leave you out on the promises it makes to others who participate. Use your software lead generation process to engage with the prospects in charge of them and make the most of these one-time deals!