Most people would think that business software lead generation targets really large groups with a large enterprise that needs lot of tech to keep in order. The truth though could be a little less overwhelming. Companies like independent consultants and contractors do not swear any sort of ties to any company no matter how bigger they are in comparison. And yet, they too can be lead generation targets for software vendors.

How ‘Freelance’ Leads Can Be Different From Usual Lead Generation Experience

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Other than simply size, there really is not much of a difference between a lead generation that aims for the typical heavy enterprise and those that go for groups that distinguish themselves from them by labeling themselves ‘freelance.’ Although, you should note that the culture in such companies could slightly differ and this is where these software leads could be more of a different experience for you than for them.

  • They are small because they focus only one thing – Treat them like a group of really specialized individuals that is extremely good at what it does. The catch is that process could just have the same size as a single department in a larger company. But that is the thing, because it means your lead generation strategy should position your software in a context where it helps them stay focused.
  • They have strong emphasis on their independence – Saying they have quite the independent streak is an understatement. Your lead generation services should be cautious about making them look like they are dependent on you. Sure, they may buy your software and may come back in case they want something new. Just do not be too eager to point that out or else they might think you are trying to tie them down.
  • They do not want anything in the way – The problem with software is that it could be too much trouble. If you are confident that it will not, your lead generation strategy is critical to conveying that message. It also makes it harder for them to perceive you as locking them in when you are only the company that provides them easy-to-use business tools and nothing else.

It is likely that there are more things that would distinguish these higher forms of freelance work. Still, their size simply magnifies the most identifiable traits of their smaller incarnations. Your lead generation strategy should take this into consideration and not be too eager to treat them like corporate software sales leads.