There are days when you seem to generating financial sales leads like normal when all of a sudden something big comes in and has sent all those sales leads into a panic. It is like those typical monster attacks where the emergence of a humongous lizard or alien stomps into town and your sales leads are the people running around screaming, not knowing what to do.

The Giant Monsters Attacking Your Sales Leads

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Lots of monstrous events can send all the sales leads you worked so hard to generate into a chaotic panic that makes them difficult to close. These include a crisis in your business being leaked out. They could also be a sudden surge of economic woes. But while it is easy to see why your qualified sales leads are going to be compromised, you should not sit down and watch as giant monster lays waste to everything you have been building.

  • Announce a state of emergency – Using your lead generation tools, it is best to broadcast an identified threat before it actually does any damage to your accounting leads, insurance leads or financial planning leads. Consider it the equivalent to an emergency broadcast system. Now it may not be as fast-paced but that is actually a good thing and gives you more time to prepare your financial services lead generation before a predicted disaster hits.
  • Have an evacuation plan – Another common feature in big monster movies is how everyone is being called to evacuate the city or town. Have a similar plan when your prospects start sensing footfalls and seeing the warning signs on the news. Big financial crises are only made worse if you do not help prospects understand what they have to do to save themselves.
  • Take offensive action – Whatever big problem you are facing (whether it is giant monsters or giant stock market crashes), send something to deal with the actual threat! You cannot generate sales leads any further unless the crisis over. In order to do that, you have to bring out the big guns and actually take that big beast down!
  • Focus on rebuilding once things settle down – Cliche this may be, it still makes sense. Once your sales leads are secure and the threat has been dealt with you, you need to help everyone recover from the trauma and rebuild. Waiting around for your sales leads to do it for you will not help them move on.

It is not really not good to reduce your sales leads to the people who are running around screaming as a big, scaly monstrosity tears everything around them. Your sales lead generation process should know an emergency when it sees one and act immediately!